A Look at the Xikar Warranty Service

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A Look at the Xikar Warranty Service

Xikar Warranty Service - 2From time to time, the things that you come to love become broken and need to be replaced. In my case, this item was the Xikar MTX Multi-Tool that I have kept close to my side since purchase.

One day I reached into my pocket and pulled out my scissors to open up the head of a cigar. I unfolded them as usual and prepped for my cut. I placed the head of the cigar into the scissor and closed them making a shearing action. To my surprise, one leg of the scissors moved much father than the other and nothing happened to the cigar.

Upon closer inspection, I found the cause of the problem. On the back of the scissors there are two small fins that act as stops and prevent the scissor from folding, forcing the cutting edge to shear the cigar. One of these fins had broken off, preventing the shearing action.

Having had my favorite tools break in the past, I tried my best to make due with what I had available and began looking into Xikar’s Warranty. I knew that it covered the cutter for life but was unsure about the procedure to turn in my faulty product.

Xikar Warranty Service - 1

I headed to the website, registered my products and gathered all of the needed information for a return. The procedure simply includes registering your product to get it into their system, then mailing it in with an description of the problem.

While I was sending in my MTX Multi-Tool, I decided to send in my Xikar Cigar Knife as well. The knife has been used numerous times and needed a good sharpening. Normally I sharpen my own knifes, but since I had to send in the scissors I thought I’d might as well let them handle it for me.

On 09/11/2008 my items were shipped off to Xikar and I eagerly awaited their return. I didn’t have to wait long as my items were back in my hands on 09/23/2008. I opened the package, and to my surprise, found two brand new items. I expected a new cutter but assumed my knife would be sharpened and shipped back.

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When you figure 6 days in transit (total time, to and from Xikar) my tools were heading back to me in less than a weeks time. If that wasn’t impressive enough, I included a note within my package explaining how I preferred the old style MTX Multi-Tool, which includes a knife blade, and would appreciate it if they had one lying around they could send me in place of the new design. Sure enough they took care of me and I am the proud owner of an old style tool.

I’ve always heard great things about Xikar taking care of their customers and this experience seals the deal for me. If you are on the fence about purchasing a Xikar product, rest assured that if it ever fails the warranty service has got you covered.

Have you ever had to have a favorite cigar tool replaced?

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14 thoughts on “A Look at the Xikar Warranty Service

  1. Walt:

    You ware lucky, may case i steel waiting may cutter since June, they send it to the wrong address, then I’ve gave them again right address and nothing. I’ve sent more than 10 mail and steel nothing to every one on the company.

    I guess a have bad luck.

    Luis Nivar
    Santo Domingo,
    Dom. Rep.

  2. I just had an Xi2 replaced and Xikar was great. The spring broke. I registered when I got the cutter, so I just had to send it in. I got a new one back within two weeks. Luis, I’ll are you a member at clubstogie.com? Xikar’s rep is pretty active there. They seem to be VERY good about taking care of their customers.

  3. That is great news…. Like you Walt I love my multi tool and it is nice to know that should it ever break I wont be without for too long. Thanks for the update on the warranty service.

  4. I had the multi tool and it sucked (for me), the good part was I emailed Xikar and they were awesome to deal with, I sent it back and they sent me an Xi2 which is an awesome cutter.

  5. I bought the MTX Multi after this thread about 2 months ago…and today I noticed that my “hinge” has lost its resistance. Has yet to effect the cutting action, but hard to keep it closed. Weird that something would go wrong so soon after purchasing the thing.

  6. I realized the same service when I sent in a Xikar tear drop cutter. I had it back before I knew it. This was unlike the Colibri Edge lighter that I sent in. They wanted 69.00 to repair a light that cost me 89.95. Yes I had it fixed because I loved the slim design. Six months later I had the same malfunction and needless to say I did not send it back. Know I have a lightweight 89.95 paperweight!

  7. I have been buying nothing but Xikar products for years. I must have 5 cutters and at least if not more of their lighters. Just today I had to send in my Myan cutter for a sharpen job. Yes I use the $400+ cutter everyday. I have received nothing but Stellar Customer Service from Xikar. I will never buy anywhere else. They take pride in their products and service and I am a customer for life.

  8. Hey Xikar, anybody there???

    I sent four lighters that I could not get to work either very well, or at all and decided after several trips to the local b&M store that is a Xikar dealer, time to send it in for warranty work.

    Sent them in and they received them on 3-4-2019. I sent left a few voice mails and a couple of emails with absolutely no response. That is until today, 4-16-2019. I sent them another email asking for an update and this time I got an auto-reply.

    I will be surprised if I get any response this time either. Although I have about 10+ lighters, 3 cigar punches, and a v-cutter; unless they pick it up on the service, I will be looking elsewhere to replace all of these implements.

    1. Well after posting the review here and elsewhere, as well as speaking to my local B&M that is a Xikar dealer, I am supposedly getting some response. They blame their lack of service and communication on their move from Kansas (where it seems service was as expected, stellar) to Florida. I told them that was a lousy excuse.

      I will however, keep an open mind until this is done and report back with the results. If another 4-8 weeks are required for them to act…… see ya!

  9. I sent 2 lighters at the same time as per their instructions. It has been over 4 weeks and nothing. I spoke with a customer service person on Friday and she said she would get my replacements in the mail Monday and send an email notifying me of the shipping details… still nothing. I have emailed several times and all I get back is an automated email in response. Disappointed!!!

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