Using cigar scissors

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Using cigar scissors

With the recent review of Brian’s new Xikar MTX multi-tool it seemed like a good time to put together a short demonstration on how to use cigar scissors.

Using your scissors:

    • Open scissors slightly and press against the head of your cigar

    • With downward pressure on the cigar close the scissors to begin the shearing action

    • Once a slight bit of tobacco is removed, repeat the shearing action as you move around the head.

    • Shape the head to your hearts content, just keep in mind to say on the flat and not to go beyond the shoulder.

Don’t be intimidated, give them a shot. Once you use them a few times you just may fall in love with the control you wield over the cutting and shaping of your cigar.

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21 thoughts on “Using cigar scissors

  1. Great idea on making this video, I have been wondering myself how exactly to use them. I’m actually sorta surprised, lol, I didn’t know that’s how you use them.

  2. I’ll have to buy my scissors now, I’ve been putting it off for awhile but your awesome video just put me at the tip of the iceberg. By the way, theres going to be a Punch Ambassador event at one of my favorite places the Tobacco Barn. I hope to attend because thats where I received the 3 tobacco sampler cigarillos. If I go I’ll be sure to pick some up for you. Maybe you could do a segment on them. thanks for the Puck!!!

  3. Very informative. I’ve been using the scissors in a similar fashion as a guillotine. I can see the advantages to your method, and will impliment it immediately.

  4. Jon,
    In that case, use them just as you would a guillotine and cut about 3/16 off of the tapered head and check the draw. If tight remove a little more, repeat as needed.


  5. I think Xikar should send you a nice check, or at least a free cutter for all the scissors you are going to sell for them. I know I will probably add one to my shopping cart with the next purchase I make.
    BTW I like the video “quickie”

  6. As I herd you said in your video about a tool you used that you didn’t know what it was for. I believe xikar describes this tool as a draw poker/piercer and can also be used to purge lighters. IMO its a great tool It has everything you need to prep a cigar and maintain a lighter. Nothing more to say except its a great tool.

    On a side note if you like the idea of only lifting the cap of the cigar without removing any filler it can easily be done without a tool. Use a fingernail or if you don’t have one long enough a knife. (but a fingernail is much easier to use, if you don’t have a long enough fingernail and you have never opened a cigar with a knife you might as well let it grow or buy this tool) All you need to do is lick the cap make it a little more wet than normal (as I and others lick the cap before cutting also as it helps to not tear the wrapper) and use your thumb nail and press into the cigar where you want the cap to be removed and kind of score it in a circle. Then you simply lift the circle you just made off the top off the head of your cigar and all you have removed is the wrapper leaving all the filler and maintaining the cigars shape. I have herd it explained as like removing a little toupee from your cigar. Personally I find the feeling of the rough tobacco in my mouth unpleasant.

    So I do not use this method unless i am without a cutter as I like to snip a bit of that filler and leave a nice flat area. I always cut well above the shoulder to leave a nice round edge. Removing just enough filler to get a flat top 16th to an 8th inch off maximum. (only for straight cigars) This can also be achieved easily with this tool as it is easier to shave bits off until you have what you want or until you are skilled enough with a guillotine cutter to do the same.
    Just my 2 cents

  7. I just Googled for about 10 minutes and found out there are virtually no other websites that describe how to use cigar scissors (at least from doing simple searches like “how to use cigar scissors”). Wow.

  8. Jon,
    When I first looked into picking up scissors I couldn’t find anything on how to use them via search either. That is one of the reasons I held off on my purchase.

    It’s amazing how much you can learn at the local shop shops. Having someone show me how to use them was far better than being told “use them in this fashion”, which is why I thought it was beneficial to do a short video on the subject.

    Thanks for the comment.

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