What would you like for Christmas?

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What would you like for Christmas?

Over the weekend I made the announcement about our first annual twelve days of Christmas. While reading over the contest guidelines and prizes you may have noticed that days one, two, and three could not be entered at that point in time.

The holdup on those days was this post, so without any further ado, what Cigar related gift would you like for Christmas?

After you make your Christmas list, you may make one additional comment at a later date to add or subtract items from your list. The reason for this is to make finding your name in the list easier for the generouse people interesting in purchasing a cigar gift for you.

Don’t forget to inform your friends and family of the name you post under, and to point them to our article on giving the gift of cigars.

For more contest rules, see days one, two, and three,
on our 12 Days of Christmas page.

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42 thoughts on “What would you like for Christmas?

  1. A Box of Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo’s: This particular cigar is very near and dear to me. I’ve celebrated many occasions with this cigar, most noteably our current pregnancy.

    A Palio Cigar Cutter

    Xikar Plunge Lighter

    Don Pepin Garcia Ashtray

  2. Oasis personal size (for my aging box)

    3 Tatuaje “Franks”

    a box of 601 Red, Green, or Blue

    one Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Sungrown

    A Snuggie (see forum post “GENIUS”)

    a table torch (culinary torch)

    a 1lb bag of heartfelt beads 70%

  3. Stinky Cigar Ashtray


    Tatuaje “Franks”

    Anything from Tatuaje

    Devils Weed cigars

    Rocky Patel Renaissance

    Xikar Scissors

    Box of Rocky Patel Sun Grown

    Mi Barrio

    Padilla Miami

  4. Hmmm…

    Some things that come to mind: A generous assortment of Fuente Añejos, Some Tatuaje Blacks, A Cruzado or two and how about some Liga Privada’s? That about does it 😉


  5. Either a wind-resistant Stogie Review one-of-a-kind ashtray OR a Padron given to every US soldier home or abroad to smoke Christmas Day! Hurry Santa these soldiers mean more!

  6. Case of Camacho Corojo Machitos

    A lighter that works

    Xikar Scissors

    Box of Camacho Scorpions

    Box of Flor de Cesar Black

  7. Any of these under the tree would be great…

    Box of 601 Green La Fuerza

    Box of Illusione ~4/2g~ or ~cg:4~

    A table/culinary torch

    A large room air purifier

  8. Carbon Fiber Palio

    A spanish cedar ashtray (not sure if one exists but if it does I bet it’ll smell great as it chars)

    A cure for C-Bid addiction

    A good sturdy travel humidor (Cigar Caddy looks good)

    Cedar matches

    More time to smoke!

  9. Had to update my list…

    I got my “Franks”… so

    I still would like an Oasis,
    and a 1lb of 70% beads
    A box of 601’s would be nice (not the black label)
    Still got to have a Snuggie (see forum post)
    ooohhh ohhh… and a table torch!

    I’d also like to have a powered microphone for my computer… then maybe I can do a video review!

  10. If Santa brings me a box of Illusione ~cg:4~’s I swear I will be a god boy and smoke them all, I will even share them with my friends and family!
    And while I don’t know his route, if he stops off at Cuba first he can pick me up a box there too, else I will settle for a few Padrons. 🙂

  11. I’de like a box of Oliva anythings
    A few Cubaos in assorted sizes
    One of those Target torch flambe lighters
    and I’d Santa to bring me a Camacho Triple Maduro while he’s at it.

    Oh…and a Frank just so I can understand what all the hype is about

  12. My Christmas Wish list

    A Padron 80th Maduro
    A Lotus 32 Lighter in gun metal
    A box of Defiance cigars

    I think that will do it for the cigar wish list. I need some new hockey equipment also.

  13. My christmas list
    Any new lighter that is better than my xikar fuego piece. Maybe a Xikar executive? or a lotus 🙂

    Palio cutter

    Some Cubaos would be nice 🙂

  14. While I’m not eligible to win a contest, it won;t hurt for my wife to have another list to select from.

    ST Dupont X-tend Lighter
    I’ll probably never use it more than a few times, I just want to have one for the purpose of having one

    Box Top Shelf Signature Select Black Label
    I think this is one of those little secrets in the industry. The smoke very well and provide loads of favor that I find appealing

    Box Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro
    Had one the other day and was reminded how much I like this bargain smoke.

    Alec Bradley Bunsen Burner Style Table Torch
    I have used one of these a few times, great table torch and conversation piece

    Couple of Ashton VSGs
    Great cigar that I like to have on hand for the odd occasion

  15. To update my list…

    a box of Cubao #5
    VSG Sampler
    La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial #3 fiver

    That is it for now,,, honest!

  16. First, that my daughters will never forget the joy and love at Christmas time.

    With the cigar stuff.

    Dupont Xtend lighter would be nice
    Cabaiguan Guapos
    Oliva Serie V

  17. A black Colibri Robusto lighter

    A black Palio cutter

    A few 6×60 Camacho Triple Maduros

    A few 7×60 La Flor Dominicana Coronados

    One “Cigar in the Bottle” / Forbidden Opus X

    A trip to Honduras

    Lastly, a box of Camacho Coyolar Titans

  18. A cabinet humidor (any kind would do, I’m flexible)

    A Stinky ashtray

    A Blazer torch lighter OR a Dupont X-tend

    A Padron 80th Maduro

    A box of Cubao

    A box of My Father by Pepin

    That will do for now!

  19. What I want for Christmas:
    1 Box of San Cristobal Lonsdales
    1 box of coyolar titans
    1 box of Short Stories
    a good 300+ ct humidor
    time to build a smoking room in my basement

  20. Update:

    Cedar spills- I’ve really gotten into lighting with matches and spills and am running out quickly

    After using one at my B&M Friday night, a Tundra table top lighter. I know it seems odd that I’ve been doing lots of sighting with matches and spills, but since I’m a porch smoker, a torch is required sometimes.

    Lastly, I think I’m going to need a kerosene heater for said porch. Thermals + 3 layers of sweatshirts/fleece, knit cap, mitten-gloves (pull back the mitten to expose cut finger gloves…very cool) are ok now but it’s only getting into the high 20’s low 30’s now and it’s gonna get colder! Do they make battery operated thermals?

  21. I’ve had to write a few Wish Lists for different family members, so I’ll include some of common requests.

    Tatuaje t-shirts
    Stinky Ashtray
    Limited Edition CAO LX2 Humidor with 28 LX2 Lanceros
    Box of J Fuego 777
    Box of Perdomo Habano Maduro
    Palio Burl Wood cutter
    Membership to the Dogwatch cigar club from Fulllers Pulllers
    Assorted singles… I love to try new stuff.

    I like to give people choices, I just hope I wasn’t too greedy.

  22. Box of Pepin Garcia serie JJ perfectos
    Box of Oliva serie V torpedos
    A finished attic room with good enough ventilation that my wife will let me smoke there (a guy can dream, right?)

  23. Financial stability in the market (so we all have more money for good cigars)…

    Abvsolute victory in Iraq and Afghanastan so we can bring the troops home… Keep up the good work..

    A nice cigar lounge to open in the Santa Clarita, Ca. area…

    Rocky Patel Vintage 99 Conneticut Toros

    Romeo Y Julietas Reserva Real series Toros

    A good prosperous 09′ for all of us…God Bless America

  24. I would like for X-Mas.

    1 – 48ct wine cooler (to make into a kickass humidor)

    2- A smoke eater(to convert a spare room into my cigar lounge)

    3- Ticket to someplace warm (To smoke of course)

    4- Gift Certificate to CI (To buy MORE Sticks)

    5- Someone to pay for my C-Bid bill (PLEASE)

  25. Herfador
    Table Torch
    Box of Nub Cameroon box-pressed torpedoes
    Air Purifier, I’d much rather smoke indoors. 😛

    Yeah, that would pretty much make my Christmas.

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