CAO Italia (Short Ashes)

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CAO Italia (Short Ashes)

Due to the holidays and lots of running around, I wasn;t able to set aside the time required to do a full blown review this week. Instead I opted to go with a Short Ashes review of a cigar that was featured in the past. The cigar of choice was the CAO Italia.

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Check out the original review of the
CAO Italia from back in 2006

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9 thoughts on “CAO Italia (Short Ashes)

  1. Very interesting Walt. I hope that if you do pick up a fresh one you let us know if it’s better or if maybe you’ve just built up what you thought it was like 2 yrs ago, and in fact this is an accurate review of the Italia. And you also make a great point on the idea of aging; if you’re going to age a box, smoke one every 3-6 months to make sure they’re not losing that which you enjoy about them.

  2. What I never understand is how old a cigar is when you buy it. How long has the factory “aged” it? How long has the b&m been “aging” it?
    Would the CAO Italia you buy from the shop be fresh off the rollers table? and how would you know?
    Thanks for the revisit. I won a box of these a while back on a MMAO deal with CI. I enjoy them…at whatever age they are now.

  3. I received two Italias in a sampler I recently purchased from Thompson and I must say my experience with this cigar was disappointing. Firstly, the burn line was uneven for most of the time. The draw was too tight. It was flavorful and tasty, but I disposed of both of these cigars early because of the draw.

  4. hey what gives?… not that it matters but you removed the band before smoking. In all the reviews you have done I dont think I have ever seen you do that.

  5. Doc,
    I’ll be sure to keep you posted after I smoke another, I’m interested to see is the mellow flavor was due to age or if my tastes have simply changed that much over time.

    Each company is different. Some age their tobacco much longer than others. Even after they are rolled, some manufacturers place them in an aging room for an extended periode of time to prevent you from getting any amonia taste from the young tobacco.

    That is unfortunate. There is nothing worse than getting a cigar with good flavor and a draw that makes it a chore to smoke.

    I didn’t realize I did it until it was time for me to show the band at the end of the first clip.


  6. I’ve always been a big fan of the Italia line. The MX2 and Italia are my two favorites from CAO, and they are staples in my humidor. I’m guessing that the aging probably mellowed the cigar out significantly–I’ve always found the Italia to have great, and unique, flavors and I’ve not had a bad experience with a single stick. I hope you give this one another try–I think if you pick one up and let it sit for maybe two weeks, then fire it up you will have a much better and pleasurable smoking experience.
    Take Care–JW

  7. I received these about 5 months ago and smoked one right after I got it. I remember it being a robust smoke that really made a favorable impression. As I am smoking my second one tonight, my experience is exactly the same as Walt’s review. The cigar has become so much more laid back it’s hard to believe it’s the same cigar from the same shipment. Nothing bad, just a very mild cigar at this point.

  8. I just had the 6×60 size last night while watching a basketball game. And I had the same opinion as you did. Just lacking in the flavor department, it was like smoking air. My friend gave it to me, telling me that it was better than the Brazilia, I disagreed. Especially for being such a big ring, it was surprising to get that much of a lack in flavor from it. Out of the “Country-Cigars” that CAO makes, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between the America and the Brazilia. Both cigars are good, for me it just depends on my mood.

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