Mr. Punch’s Tax Relief Program

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Mr. Punch’s Tax Relief Program

While cleaning up my inbox, I came across a press release that I meant to mention earlier. It seems that it must have gotten lost in the shuffle and I simply forgot about it. The press release was in regards to a free Punch Cigar. It seems that the folks over at General Cigar are trying to help ease the sting of the recent SCHIP tax increase and are offering vouchers to get yourself a free cigar.

The deal is, buy two Punch cigars and the third one is free. Not only does this eliminate the increased tax placed on your two cigars, it helps drive business to local cigar shops. To get your voucher, simply head over to the Punch Tax Relief website and fill out the appropriate fields. Once submitted, you should be able to print out a coupon for a free stick.

The offer is good until July 4, 2009

From Mr. Punch:


By now you’ve heard about the extra tax Uncle Sam is
putting on all cigars, even mine.

Such audacity!

To counteract this insidious plot against Punch
smokers, I’ve concocted a plan. I call it “Mr. Punch’s
Tax Relief Program.”

For a limited time I’ll give you a tax relief coupon that entitles you to one free Punch cigar when you buy two Punch Cigars. The monetary value of that free cigar more than covers the government’s tax increase on the two cigars you buy… and then some.

You don’t exactly need to call your financial planner to figure out good old Mr.Punch is keeping your money where it belongs – in your pocket, not the government’s.

Just go to to find the participating retailer near you.

They say you can’t cheat death or taxes. I beg to differ.

Light ’em up,

enjoying cigars since 2005

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