Esteban Carreras 10 Anos

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Esteban Carreras 10 Anos

Esteban Carreras - 10 Anos

A little more than a week ago, I was talking with our good friend Tom via twitter. I had mentioned that we should do another joint review sometime soon. In agreement, we started setting up a time and a cigar to smoke for this review.

Tom suggested that we try the Esteban Carreras line and went on to tell me that Ed was having an event at his shop in a few days. When the event came, Tom picked up both the 10 Anos and Habanos lines and sent them my way.

We decieded to go with the 10 Anos for our guest review and made an attempt at doing a split screen video. I had alot of difficulty with it but think that I may be able to make it easier the next time we give it a try.

Once finished with the video, head over to Tom’s Cigars and take a look around. I don;t think you will be disappointed in the reviews you find.

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6 thoughts on “Esteban Carreras 10 Anos

  1. Hey nice review guys…Do you now what seeing you both together on screen reminded me of? Remember the famous Gollum schizophrenic scene from The Lord of the rings? Uncanny…My precious.

  2. I really enjoy these dual videocasts. I know how logistically they can be difficult, but you have a winner here if you can have these, say, once every couple of weeks.

  3. Great review as always. Tom, I’ve always heard of you talking about repairing/gluing cigars. What do you use to do that? All I have onhand is superglue and I don’t think that would be to good :).

  4. Hope everyone enjoyed the review. It was certainly a good time hanging out with the master technical smoker, Walt.

    Craig – I bought a small bottle from Ed called “El Ligador.” It’s basically pectin, which has no taste. Walt makes his own. See that article here

    I am far too lazy for that. The stuff I bought comes with a small brush. You just brush some glue under the tear and wait a few minutes.

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