Famous Smoke Shop’s Cigar Expo 2009 – Lingerie Show

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Famous Smoke Shop’s Cigar Expo 2009 – Lingerie Show

On Friday night, after dinner was served and the drinks started to flow, the entertainment was scheduled to begin. After a down-pour soaked the boxing ring, which canceled the exhibition fights, everyone gathered under a large tent to check out the lingerie show put on my Bare Elegance.

I didn’t have the best seat in the house but was able to record the entire show without much trouble. The video runs about 16 minutes.

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15 thoughts on “Famous Smoke Shop’s Cigar Expo 2009 – Lingerie Show

  1. Some of that was not LINGERIE. And to be nice a couple of thise girls were . . . umm . . . rough looking.
    But the first two girls were OK to look at, even though they all seemed uncomfortable.

    But the one last thing to say is Nick Perdomo should have smacked that a$$ every time they walked by.

    Tough work Walt, but thanks for making the sacrifice for us. ; )

  2. First of all… this was brought together at the last minute due to the guy that was doing all of the planning leaving!

    Second of all…we were models, NOT strippers! If you wanted something wilder, then you should have gone to a STRIP CLUB!!!

  3. The show peaked at number 1 and 2. numbers 3 and 5 shouldn’t have left the bar.
    You were models? The only ones who could remotely qualify for that are 1,2, and 4, even then its a stretch.


  4. Ok, my buddy said it best “you can find pajamas at the gap that’s sexier than the ‘lingerie’ at the expo”

    at 12:05 a cigar expo employee walks down the steps and gets a huge cheer from the crowd…that’s the fault of my buddy and I. We arrived really late that first night and needed to get our gift packs…she was helping us and well, she was coming out to take us over to the shop…she was really embarrassed, but a huge help to us! Thanks Tina.

    Nice job on the vid walt…looking forward to seeing the interview of Hayward that you and Brian recorded…

  5. Vampiress, let’s be clear; unless you are the first or second girl, you’re not a model. To refer to yourself as such is laughable.

    But that’s not the point, I don’t think anyone was looking for strippers. I don’t know, sexy lingerie on sexy women isn’t too much to ask for a “lingerie show” is it? Those two glaring problems are not the fault of the guy who left Famous. That was the fault of Bare Elegance.

  6. It seems like the setup was poor. I probably wouldn’t have taken much to set up a stage with a runway. The girls looked a bit uncomfortable. It was a little like running the gauntlet I’m sure. Also, with a name like Bare Elegance, I would have expected more bare, or less maybe.

  7. I don’t know what was more ackward, the looks on the girls faces or the d-bags following them. And what does lingerie have to do with cigars anyway? Seems like the lingerie would have major burn issues. Plus there is a huge chance that you would get a dog rocket or at least notes of one.

  8. I don’t have anything against pairing fine cigars with pretty girls, but those graceless goslings certainly were not real models. Not a one of them had the practiced poise and sprocket-hipped swivel-strut that a true professional model exudes. Most of them shuffled along like they had never worn a pair of heals before. I hope they have day jobs. How embarrassing.

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