Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo 2009 – Event Wrapup

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Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo 2009 – Event Wrapup

After two days of beer and cigars, Brian and I had yet to sit down and record something together for Stogie Review. Knowing that time was running short, we managed to commandeer the office of Hayward Tenney and Gary Korb (both work as copywriters for Famous Smoke).

With Brian and myself having a couple of drinks in us, we managed to ramble on for a bit about the expo and some of the pros and cons of the event. The video runs nearly a half-hour in length and covers a variety of topics.

We would also like to thank the folks at Famous Smoke Shop for allowing is to attend the Cigar Expo, free of charge, as members of the press. On the few occasions we had questions for the event staff, we were treated kindly and given a prompt answer.

I’ve got several minutes of random footage from the show as well as a number of photos to sort through. Those will be available in the next few days

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8 thoughts on “Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo 2009 – Event Wrapup

  1. Nice video fellas, was glad to finally meet you both. Glad you could make it to the event, even without The Great Torpedo, @jcruz.

    BTW, what’s with divulging the girly contents of my minifridge? They’re not mine, I swear. I thought we were friends. LOL

  2. Great times guys! lol

    Should have given us the tour of Haywards office and put up a stogiereview.com banner, or something 😉

    MAYBE next year I will get to enjoy the festivities, even though I dont drink much, just wine every now and again, I can still laugh at all the drunk antics and enjoy some nice company and cigars!!


  3. Great video guys, except next time can we get a telephone book for Walt, or get Brian a shorter chair….

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