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With the annual IPCPR trade show starting at the end of the week, we expect to see some last minute press releases rolling out before the show kicks off. The latest release comes from the folks at Miami Cigar Company. It seems that the Don Lino 1989 will be reblended and repackaged in the near future to become part of the Nestor Miranda Collection.

Miami Cigar Press Release:



Miami, FL, 4 August 2009…Don Lino 1989, the first cigar produced to commemorate Miami Cigar & Company’s 20th Anniversary is being repositioned starting with a new blend and new packaging.

The cigar was very well received, and appeared in two (2) wrapper formats: a Maduro and a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The cigars remain, respectively, medium plus, and mild to medium. Although the new 1989 is being blended by a world renowned blender and manufacturer the final product will maintain the two (2) wrapper formats as well as the range of vitolas.

In addition to the revamping of the blend, there will be new packaging, and the new cigars will be from the Nestor Miranda Collection.

When announcing their 20th Anniversary, Miami Cigar & Company’s Nestor Miranda noted “While this will be a year of celebration of the past twenty years, it will, more importantly, be a year of looking to the future; producing new cigars and continuing the excitement created by the Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection.”

“The company continues to focus on the highly successful Nestor Miranda Collection, as it shifts its flagship brand from Don Lino to the Collection,” Rene Castaneda, Vice President and Sales Manager said. He noted that other cigars in the company’s portfolio will be reblended and repositioned as they enter the company enters its third decade.

The 1989 was the first cigar marketed by Miami Cigar that was box pressed.

Nestor Miranda observed that “The focus will be on aligning all of our cigars under the Nestor Miranda Collection banner.”

Ask The Readers:
With the reblending of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection (originally produced by STC Cigars and now produced by Don Pepin Garcia) not far behind us, do you think that Miami Cigar is making too many changes to thier current line? Do you think they would potentially be better off by simply introducing a new line rather than inform the public that an existing one will be receiving a face lift and and a reblend?

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  1. I dont like the reblending crap! I I like a cigar i hate to pick another one up and have a totally different taste than the ones I enjoyed. Just make a seperate line, see how it does, then decide whether or not to keep both or just 1 of the lines going .


  2. I agree totally with Mike! The only reason to create a new blend and give it an old name would be to trick people into buying something with a familiar name! Give it it’s own name and let people decide how it compares for themselves! Furthermore if the new line is inferior, you take a chance of tainting the reputation of the original blend! Patrick

  3. I have to say I’m not against it. The Don Lino 1989 isn’t memorable enough to keep going on it’s current incarnation. Tastes like just another cigar. By changing the packaging along with the blend it’s helping to differentiate it from the old blend. It’s not like they are redoing a classic cigar. How many average cigar smokers know that Don Lino and Nestor Miranda cigars are from the same company? Probably very, very few. By consolidating under one name, with multiple lines, it adds consistency and less confusion in the market place while allowing Nestor Miranda smokers to find other products they may enjoy.

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