Don’t Cut Your Cigar, Spike It!

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Don’t Cut Your Cigar, Spike It!

About a week ago a press release came across my inbox that caught my eye. I thought that it promoted a rather strange item and I debated posting the information on the site. After seeing some discussion on Twitter about the Cigar Spike and how interested some people were, I thought I would pass the information along.

Now, I have heard of people using similar items to open their cigars, most Golf Tees, but for some reason this product struck me as odd. What do you think, is it something you would consider picking up to carry around in your pocket?

Cigar Spike Press Release:

Cigar Spike - 1

Cigar Spike™,” a new and better way to open your premium cigar….. Don’t cut it, Spike It!

West Bloomfield, Michigan, August 1, 2009

They advertise, “Try the new “Cigar Spike™“” and it is worth a try. The “Cigar Spike™” is a small plastic (polyethylene) spike designed to create an opening in the end of premium cigars. Unlike cutting or punching the “Spike” pierces a hole in the end of cigars creating the perfect opening for a smooth draw.

The “Cigar Spike™” has several advantages over customary methods including; preventing loose tobacco from entering the user’s mouth, compact size fits easily on key chains or in wallets, never dulls like cutter blades, serves as a gauge allowing use with any size cigar and the price is lower than any other existing tool.

The “Cigar Spike™” is now available in black and the maker has plans for future spikes in a variety of colors and materials including gold…Don’t be surprised to see other “Cigar Spike™” related merchandise including shirts, gaming tokens and golf accessories.

Cigar Spike - 2

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35 thoughts on “Don’t Cut Your Cigar, Spike It!

  1. Man…I wouldn’t spike a Gurkha or Rocky cigar let alone one that I like and want to smoke. Bad Spike.

  2. …why in the hell would anyone buy this. Three things I would use that I have with me 99% of the time before I even considered buying this:

    A golf ball divot repair tool
    My pocket knife
    My freaking car key

    Seriously, a pointed chunk of steel…why spend money on that when you likely have something that looks incredibly similar and probably does an equal or better job?

  3. Actually, my bad on above…a pointed chunk of *plastic*…even more pointless…just stupid.

  4. Wouldn’t this tend to crush the inner leaves as it presses them out of the way, making the draw tighter than it should be? No thanks.

  5. I would try it. I normally punch all my cigars anyway, so it would not be that big of a difference for me.

    I would worry about poking my leg though, with it in my pocket 😉

    maybe a retractable one would be nice!


  6. My first reaction is that I don’t like it. It looks like a guitar pick, I prefer to shave the cap off, it would increase the possibility of tar/resin collecting, it would decrease the draw… But honestly, by the end of the write-up I was saying to myself- “Why didn’t I think of that?”… All in all, it’s a neet little product that I would expect should be extreemly economic & effective. Good luck!!!

  7. Walt,

    Do you happen to know where you saw this press release ? I ask because the release says West Bloomfield Mi and that is right by me. I am wondering who is making these.

  8. Can you imagine having this spike on your key chain when you go through airport security – that will go over well with TSA.

    Trying to figure out the “aha” in this spike, but not seeing it . . .

  9. Jon (Wingfan13) the company is Cigar Spike, LLC. A company with a registered address of 6668 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 206, West Bloomfield. The resident agent (and likely owner/inventor) is Bryan M. Peruski. This is per the corporation division website.

    Kind of a silly invention but the only reason I am interested is it’s a Michigan business.

  10. Thanks Mike. Are you in Michigan ? Where at ?

    I will have to check out that address and see what is there. I am very familier with that area.

  11. Come on! Really? Since when is a right angle an invention? Thank you for the address. I live within about 20 minutes from the address listed. I’m going over there, and if he is charging more than a buck for these I’m going to tell him exactly what I think this is worth. I admire inventiveness, but come on.

  12. Jon, I live in East Lansing and i took classes at the Wayne campus right there off Orchard Lake so I am somewhat familiar with that area.

  13. I don’t like punching a stick so why the hell would I want to get an even shitter draw from that? You are probably better off biting the cap off your fav stick.

  14. I just don’t see this as personally being something I could get any use out of. I don’t think the small hole it would make would offer enough draw.

    Perhaps if you pushed the spike in and twisted it that would open it up more? Oh well, they’ll sell a few of ’em!

  15. I have used this Cigar spike many times. It works well. I cary it in my pocket and my wallet. I have never been poked by it. Try it, you’ll like it.

  16. This is really nothing new; I’ve been doing something very much like it for years. Back in the early 90s I misplaced my cutter.

    Looking around I noticed the top of my plastic Bic Pen had a sort of sharp clip on it. In fact, I just used such a pen clip on the Occidental Reserve I am now smoking.

    Slightly moisten the tip, then gently woek the clip into the cigar end about half way. Do the same thing at 90 degrees, but all the way in, then repeat on the first cut.

    Very easy draw and very little damage to the cigar end. Try it!

  17. The pocket clip on the top of a Bic ball point pen works just as well. Moisten the end of the cigar, gently work the clip into the cigar about half way, then do the same thing a right angles to make an X but work it all the way in, then repeat on the first cut.

    Very easy draw and very little damage to the end of the cigar. Been doing it for years….

  18. I figured for three bucks I’d give it a try and I’ll be honest I like it. I wish I thought of it. I just spiked my La Flor Dominicana the draws great. I think I’ll order some more and hide one in my wallet.

  19. C’mon guys it is only $0.99, I would put one in my golf bag, one in my car and one in my wallet just in case I’m ever caught with out a cutter.

    1. You would pay a dollar for something that would do EXACTLY what a golf tee would do?…

      I just don’t get this thing. It’s a hunk of plastic to poke a cigar with. Other things work fine if you want to do that (like a screwdriver, maybe a credit card, a key, a golf tee, a pocket knife, scissors..etc).

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