CAO New Product Tour with Jon Huber

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CAO New Product Tour with Jon Huber

During the IPCPR 2009 Trade Show, we had the opportunity to get a guided tour of the new CAO Product by Jon Huber. In the video below, Jon tells us about the CAO Traviata, Gold Vintage, LX2 Salomon, as well as a few CAO Accessories.

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3 thoughts on “CAO New Product Tour with Jon Huber

  1. Nice lineup!

    I should have thought of it before, but seeing the CAO Sopranos display in the background, I would LOVE to know if they are going to continue those or switch it to a regular CAO label! I think it would be cool with the complete dvd sets being a LOT cheaper now that they would do a complete series dvd set with like the 4 pack sampler or something…..John, are you reading this – you should hire me for my brilliant ideas – LOL


  2. Great interview. really enjoyed seeing new CAO product as well as some awesome looking swag. I’m looking forward to trying the La Traviata.

  3. Great interview. Jon is so cool. Its amazing that he even talks with us common cigar smokers on twitter so frequently.

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