Heather Haddad of Fumee

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Heather Haddad of Fumee

As Brian and I were wandering around the convention center, we got to talking about who else we should try to get on camera for Stogie Review. After letting a few names fly I mentioned that I would also like to get Heather Haddad on camera if we bump into her again. Coincidentally, about five minutes later we bumped into her at the food court.

In the video below, Heather talks about her experience in transitioning from an internet sales business to one with a physical presence in Texas. The CRA and TXCMA are also points of discussion in the video. The interview runs roughly six minutes.

After watching the video below, be sure to check out Fumee

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2 thoughts on “Heather Haddad of Fumee

  1. Nice info about the business loan – I never knew that!

    I wish she would have went more in depth about start up capital needed, business plan acceptance by the SBA, etc…but I cant have everything i want at one sitting, now can I 🙂


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