Twitter Brother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour

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Twitter Brother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour

TBOTL Herf 2009

A couple of weeks back, Jerry posted an article about a Herf that Stogie Review and Hava Cigars were throwing while in New Orleans. The idea was to get everyone from Twitter together while we were all in town for IPCPR and have a drink and smoke a few cigars.

While getting everything setup as far as location and time, a few manufacturers were contacted and they were generous enough to provide each attendee with a new cigar from the show. The generous manufacturers were as follows:

In addition to those, we had two more manufactures send some cigars along to the herf that were unexpected and greatly appreciated.

  • George Rico provided a Gran Habano San Andreas Maduro
  • Kris Kachaturian provided some pre release AJ Fernandez cigars

Then, Danielle from Davidoff arrived with a sack full of Davidoff Anniversarios and cigarillos for everyone to enjoy

The Herf was held at Dos Jefes Uptown Cigar Bar in New Orleans. The back room was reserved for us and we packed in a number of people. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I hope that we can do something similar again next year for IPCPR 2010. Shawn from Dos Jefes was an excellent host and made us all feel welcomed in his establishment. A couple hours of smoking, drinking, talking, and live music made the event a huge success.

Below are a few pictures from Skip’s phone as well as my own

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Brother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour

  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! One of these years I will hide myself in someones luggage and invade IPCPR!! muahaahhhahahaha


  2. Tell me those were shot on a cell phone? If not, tell me the camera cause I never want to buy it.

  3. That looks like a good time. I pretty much just smoke by myself with a drink but maybe I should make some cigar-smokin’ friends…

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