Exile Wired (Guest Review)

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Exile Wired (Guest Review)


You guessed it, back again for another video review on this fine Monday is Tom and Matt. Unlike their last review which was recorded at Tampa Humidor, the guys set up shop at St Pete Pipe and Cigars. The cigar of the day is the Exile Wired by Berger and Argenti.

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4 thoughts on “Exile Wired (Guest Review)

  1. nice review – just doesnt sound like a stick worthy of any type of praise, yet. I will be curious what you guys think of it down the road after it matures a bit! I have never seen these locally, but then again, I am in a friggin dead spot of the world, so maybe when I take one of my 45minute-1hour drives to a real shop, I might find them 😉


  2. when i smoke the perdomo cirollo i tend to get that black liccorice flavor, it was interesting to hear someone else pick that up in a criollo

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