Toraño Partners with Fumee for Branded Lounge

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Toraño Partners with Fumee for Branded Lounge

Heather Haddad - Fumee Torano Lounge - 2.jpgOver the past year, I think it has been pretty common to hear of cigar brands partnering with local cigar shops to open sponsored lounges. The most prominent of those partnerships, at least in my mind, was the nationwide launch of Diamond Crown Lounges. In fact, Brian even attended and reported on one of these openings in the Atlanta area.

Just the other day I received an email from our good friend Heather Haddad over at Fumme in Texas. She was sending me a press release informing me that she had partnered up with Charlie Toraño to launch the first Toraño Lounge in her shop, Fumee.

Because Heather is a friend of Stogie Review, and well known in the online cigar community, I thought I would share the press release with you. If you ever find yourself in Cedar Park, Texas, look her up and drop in for a cigar.

Press Release from Fumee:

Toraño Cigars and Fumée Inc. Announce Branded Lounge

Heather Haddad - Fumee Torano Lounge - 1

Austin, TX (November 1, 2009) – Toraño Cigars and Fumée, Inc. have collaborated to launch the first Toraño branded lounge in Cedar Park, Texas, just north of Austin.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Toraño family.” says Fumée founder, Heather Haddad. “Charlie Toraño and I have been acquainted since I was graduate student trying to get an internship in the cigar industry. I am happy that today we are partners in this exciting and exclusive project to bring both of our companies to the forefront of the Texas cigar industry.”

The lounge, which opened last year, will showcase the entire line of Toraño cigars, including limited release and special edition product. The staff has been extensively trained on the Toraño family history and cigar line.

“Collaborating with Fumée is one step in our new direction of increasing interaction with the consumer.” says Charlie Toraño “With a branded lounge, we have a team of partners who are knowledgeable about our family history, and the passion that goes into each Toraño cigar, and can tell our story to our extended family, our consumers.”

A launch event has been scheduled for December 5th, 2009 from 4-8 PM. Charlie Toraño will personally attend.

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7 thoughts on “Toraño Partners with Fumee for Branded Lounge

  1. So other than getting ALL of their cigar lines, what is the deal with the branded lounges? money for the cigar shop? Brand recognition associated with the shop? I am curious as the only thing I can think that would really benefit a shop would be if the cigar company laid out a bit of cash.


    1. It is only speculation, but I would assume that Fumee would be carrying ALL Torano product. Lounge would sport all Torano accessories and in return the shop would probably receive discounted wholesale pricing. So in essence, the lounge would help sell Torano product and the profit for said product would yield higher returns due to lower cost.

      Again, that is just speculation.

      1. AHHHHH – didnt think about getting the product at lower cost – I guess Torano also pays for all the signage and stuff for the lounge that bears their name.


      2. As much as that would suck if you’re really in the mood for something else. I wouldn’t be mad if i had to smoke a Torano, it seems like they have something for everyone, and i think they’re some of the best cigars for the money.

        That signature robusto is possibly the best 5 bucks i ever spent.

        1. dave i don’t believe they stop carrying the other product that they have they just add the full line up and brand the lounge.

  2. I also think there might be a new appeal in her shop as it is the ONLY Torano lounge so far…

    That doesn’t mean there won’t be others, but if I lived in the area I would definitely hit it up. Like Dave said, Torano makes some pretty nice cigars for the money.

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