Ask The Readers: What would you include on your top 10 Cigars of 2009 list?

Stogie Spotlight31 Comments on Ask The Readers: What would you include on your top 10 Cigars of 2009 list?

Ask The Readers: What would you include on your top 10 Cigars of 2009 list?

Even though we are two months away from being finished with the year, it is getting around that time of year where we sit back and reflect on the cigars we have smoked. Here at Stogie Review, our Top 10 Lists are created from cigars that we have reviewed throughout the year.

In this case, I’d love to know what cigars our readers thought were the best of the best. These cigars don’t have to have been released this year, but I would like it if you had smoked one this year. While that five year old something or other that you smoked back in the summer of 69′ may have been the best cigar ever, I’d like to know about current stuff.

Jerry, Brian, and I will be posting our top 10 lists closer to the end of the year (probably between Christmas and New Years). In the meantime, after you leave your own list in the comment section below, take a look at last years lists.

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31 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: What would you include on your top 10 Cigars of 2009 list?

  1. 2009 was a pretty interesting year for me and my cigar tasting profile but there were a handful of sticks that I thought should be in the running,

    -Cabiguan Ecuadorian Guapo
    -Re-blended Nestor Miranda’s by Pepin
    -La Riqueza “entire line”
    -Cain Mduro: although harsh for some I had fun with it
    – Nub Maduro
    -My Father line by Pepin
    – Boris by Pete Johnson

    I know I’m pretty biased

    1. In no order

      Illusion ephernay
      Cubao #4
      Padilla Dominus
      601 green trunco
      el triunfaor
      My father
      Cabaiguan guapos
      la riqueza
      liga privada 9
      HC (defiance) colorado robusto
      brick house

  2. In no particular order:

    Tatuaje Brown Label Unicos
    Ramon Allones Specially Selected ’07
    Illusione Epernay
    Illusione Holy Lance
    Bolivar Royal Corona ’06
    Partagas Black
    Oliva V Lancero
    Cubao Lancero
    Montecristo No. 2
    Tatuaje Drac

  3. 1. Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva. (It really is that good).
    2. H.Upmann Sir Winston from June 02
    3. Cohiba Esplendidos
    4. 2008 – Montecristo Sublimes
    5. Bolivar Coronas Gigantes from 06
    6. Cohiba Siglo III from 06
    7. Bolivar Coronas Extra from a 04 cab
    8. Partagas Serie P No.2 from 2008
    9. 2006 – Cohiba Piramides Limited Edition
    10. Bolivar Belicosos Finos from a 08 cab.

  4. #1 God Of Fire By Don Carlos
    #2 My Father
    #3 Vijae Platino
    #4 El Centurion
    #5 Padron 1926
    #6 Ashotn VSG
    #7 Cohiba Black
    #8 Kristoff Maduro
    #9 Rocky Patel 1961
    #10 Edge Maduro

  5. Tabak Especial
    CAO Gold Maduro
    Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve
    Drew Estates Natural Dirt
    Drew Estates Natural Irish Hops
    Ashton VSG Tres Mystic

  6. (In no order)
    Tat Black robusto
    LFD Axe
    Illusione Eparnay
    Viaje 50/50
    Bolivar gm
    Trinidad Coloniales
    Tat Noella Reserva
    My Father Le Bijou
    Avo Companero

    Honorable mention:
    LFD DL Lancero (Cameroon)
    Camacho 101
    Winston Churchills
    Magnum 50
    JFR Maduro
    Cabaiguan Maduro 46
    Tat SW Maduro
    Cubao Maduro

  7. I’ll be a little different and start at 10 and work my way to el numero uno.

    10. Quorum – Yes this little cheapy made the list. I’m sure being in the humy for a good 9 months to a year was key. But the burn, draw, and flavor out of this cheapy blew me away…and I think I paid $1.80 for it. I found myself craving another after I had to put this morsel down before I singed a knuckle.
    9. La Aroma de Cuba
    8. Arturo Fuente Hemingway
    7.Padilla Series ’68
    6. Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Foot
    5. Man O’ War Ruination
    4. 5 Vegas Relic
    3. Rocky Patel Sungrown
    2. Tatuaje Havana VI – I’m predicting this stick or another Tatuaje to be named cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado. You heard it here first folks. This would have been my top pick on this top ten list up until just a week ago when I smoked, what would have been my #2 pick. However I went to my local pub on Halloween and brought my then #2 pick with me that had been sitting in my humi for almost a year and it blew me away. I could only imagine how the Tatuaje are going to smoke after a year of aging.
    And jdoo’s #1 cigar of 2009……..I’m sure you are at the edge of your seat by now

    1. Liga Privada #9. Thank you Thank you, Johnathan Drew and Steve Saka for creating this blissful work of art. America and the rest of the world owe you a much adoration, you have truly made the world a better place.

  8. In no order:
    Esteban Carreras Habano
    La Riqueza No. 4
    Tatuaje Havana Cazadores
    rocky patel edge sumatra
    Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8
    Gran Habano Corojo #5
    Tatuaje Havana VI Artistas
    La Gloria Cubana Serie “R” #5 Natural
    601 Habano La Punta (green label)
    El Titan De Bronze Grand Reserve Maduro

  9. Of the new releases I have smoked so far..
    Padron Family Reserve 45
    Room 101 Robusto by Camacho
    La Traviata Robusto by CAO
    My Father La Bijou 1922 Petite Robusto By Pepin
    Kristoff Sumatra Torpedo by Exclusive Cigars

  10. My Top 10 sticks this year (roughly in order):
    Tatuaje Verocu (West/Tubos/East)
    Tatuaje Boris
    Tatuaje Black
    Padilla Signature 1932 (new)
    Illusione 88
    Tatuaje Noella
    Tatuaje Unicos
    Man o War Ruination
    601 Green
    Liga Privada No. 9

    Honorable Mention:
    Illusione Eperany (corona)
    Tatuaje Victorias
    601 Black
    Illusione 68
    Illusione MJ12
    Perdomo ESV
    El Triunfador
    Rocky Patel Decade
    PAN ’64
    LFD L-400 Oscuro
    Ashton VSG
    Trinidad Coloniales
    AB Tempus
    Oliva V

  11. No order

    Brick House – robusto
    Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro – robusto
    Casa Magna – toro
    Perdomo Reserve Sun Grown- torpedo
    Illusione – HL
    Casa Royale – robusto
    Man o’ War Ruination – belicoso
    Cu Avana Intenso – toro
    ITC 10th – toro

  12. No order

    Liga privada t52
    royal nicaraguan
    la flor dominicana limitado iv
    cubao maduro
    casa magna robusto
    kristoff sumatra
    af queen b
    el triunfador
    Bolivar le 09 belicoso
    avo le 09 companaro

    I haven’t had all the new releases yet, so the list may change at years end if the cao la traviata is as good as everyone is saying.

  13. Of the new releases I’ve smoked:

    -LFD Double Press
    -CAO La Traviata
    -Padron 45th
    -Rocky Patel Patel Brothers

    The ones I’m really interested in trying:

    -Diesel Unholy Coctail
    -Oliva V Maduro
    -Cubao Maudro
    -Cubao Murceialgo

  14. In no particular order:
    Padron 1926 80th Anniv.
    Padron 1964 40th Anniv.
    Padron Family Reserve 45th
    Liga Privada #9
    Illusione mj12
    Alec Bradley Tempus
    Cohiba Siglo VI
    Rocky Patel Signature
    Xikar Defiance

    Looking forward to trying:
    Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva
    Liga Privada T52
    CAO La Traviata

  15. These are the 10 that i’d say i enjoyed the most this year…

    #1…. Ashton Cabinet

    Here are the remaining 9, in no particular order.

    Carlos Torano Signature
    Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Edition
    Carlos Torano 1916 Camaroon
    (im on a Torano kick…worse things have happened) anyway…

    Fuente Hemmingway
    Rocky Patel Edge Lite
    Davidoff Special Series
    La Aroma de Cuba Edition Especial
    Padilla Signature 1932
    My Father Le Bejuie (i can’t spell that)

    Old Henry would have been on this list if the draw wasn’t so damn tight on the one i had.

  16. Padron 45th Anniversary
    AVO Companero LE 2009
    Liga Privada No. 9
    LFD Salomon
    Kristoff Salomon
    CAO La Traviata
    Oliva Serie V Double Robusto
    Camacho Connecticut
    Padron 1964 Exclusivo
    Cain Habano 660

  17. Hmm, I’d go with

    1. Cruzado Marelas. Fantastically good smoke.
    2. Camacho 11/18
    3. Tat Havana VI Angeles. I actually like these better than the brown label.
    4. AB Tempus. Man, everything he makes tastes like crap. Except these.
    5. Cubao. Solid smoke.
    6. 601 Red
    7. Edge Sumatra. I know they are discontinued, but Smoke Inn got a new batch. I love these things.
    8. JdN Antano, especially the consul.
    9. Man O War Ruination. I like the regular ones, but these are great.
    10. Flor de Cesar Black Label. House brand for B&B cigars. Got a box this year. I find them extremely enjoyable.

  18. Jeeez, the was difficult. I could go on and on. I hope you find the list useful.

    These are not in order of any kind. Just some of the best cigars and most suprisingly good, that I smoked this year.

    Camacho, Coyolar Puro, Super Toro
    Camacho SLR, Special Limited Reserve 5 x 50
    Cohiba, Edicion Limitada, 2006, Cuban
    Don Lino Africa, Tembo, 7.5 x 50
    Oliva, El Cobre, Torpedo
    Oliva, Serie V, Figurado
    Oliva, Serie V, Ligero Especial, Torpedo
    Edmundon Dantes, Habano (Cuban)
    Gurkha, Royal Brigade , Perfecto
    Partagus, Seri D, No. 3, Edicion Limitada, 2006

    Member of the Orange County Cigar Social Club. If you live in the OC check out,

  19. I dont ge to smoke much of the new or higher end stuff, plus I cant even remember last week let alone what was released this so take anything in this list and make fun of me for screwing up :p

    Room101 – just had my 2nd and it was AWESOME in the 6X60 size!!
    Camacho Connecticut
    Oliva Connecticut
    Nub Cammie
    Nub Connie
    CAO CX2
    CAO Sopranos
    Gurkha Factum
    Rocky Patel Ocean Club
    *this space reserved for anything else I can get to try :p*

    there ya go – lol – *sigh* I know some were not released this year but :p


  20. In no particular order:
    1) Joya De Nicaragua Antano Gran Consul
    2) Cubao
    3) Camacho Connie
    3) Camacho Corojo
    4) La FlorDominicana Diez
    5) Man o’ War Ruination
    6) RP Winter Collection
    7) Cain Maduro
    8) Coranado By La Flor
    9) Arturo Fuente Work or Art
    10) San Cristobal

  21. I have to get in on this one…
    No real order
    a) Tatuaje Black (I think jdoo also may have noticed the pic of a black in a CA issue with no rating…)
    b) 601 Red Label Torpedo
    c) Padron 1964 Maduro Torpedo
    d) My Father La Bijou 1922 Petite Robusto
    e) Ramon Allones Specially Selected
    f) Opus X Petite Lancero (patiently aged since Christmas ’06)
    g) Tatuaje Havana Cazadores
    h) Arturo Fuente Anejo Shark (also from 2006)
    i) San Cristobal Seleccion del Sol Robusto
    And I will rank one cigar as my favorite of the year
    1) Montecristo No.3, and specifically the one I enjoyed at the end of a recent vacation to the Pacific Coast of Vancourver Island after a great morning of salmon fishing

  22. Illusione mj12
    Padron 1964 40th Anniv.
    Tatuaje Boris
    My Father La Bijou 1922 Petite Robusto
    La Riqueza
    Nestor Miranda 20th Anniv.
    El Centurion
    Cain Habano torpedo
    Pinar Del Rio Sun Grown
    HC Collection Colorado

    No order love them all!!!

  23. Man O’ War Ruination

    Tatuaje VI Nobles

    Partagas Black

    Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 3

    Cain Habano

    Nub Habano

    Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label

    Camacho 1962 Pre-Embargo

    Camacho Coyolar (black band?)

    Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

  24. Favs:

    Liberty 09
    Liberty 05
    LFD Ligero Oscuro Lancero
    LFD DL 450
    Oliva V Maduro (08)
    CAO La Traviata
    Tat J21
    Tat Black
    Cain F
    Padilla 1932 Oscuro (Original Release)

    Least Favs:

    Room 101
    Tat Drac
    Cain Maduro
    Oliva V Maduro (09)
    Any Altaldis stick
    Patel Brothers
    Nub Maduro
    Nub Habano

  25. Padron 45
    Alec Bradley – Prensado Corona
    My Father Bijou – Petit Robusto
    Tatuaje Noella Reserva
    Room 101 Robusto (305)
    Esteban Carreras 10 Anos Robusto
    Arturo Fuente Queen B
    Kristoff Lancero
    Rocky Patel 1961 Robusto
    Tatuaje Drac

    Agree with RichM. Screw All Altaidis.

  26. My list:

    1. Tatuaje 2009 Cojuno
    2. Illusione f9
    3. EO Cubao #5
    4. Don Pepin Garcia Blue Torpedo
    5. EO 601 Blue
    6. Graycliff Double Espresso
    7. Padron 1964
    8. Man O’War Ruination
    9. Padilla Miami Robusto
    10. Padilla 1932 Robusto

  27. Tatuaje Black
    Bolivar Petite Coronas
    Illusione ECCJ
    Cruzado Dantes
    Oliva V Maduro
    Tatuaje Angeles
    Hoyo de Monterrey Du Prince
    Cohiba Siglo VI
    El Baton
    Illusione mk

  28. In no particular order…

    Perdomo Patriarch
    Perdomo Lot 23
    Perdomo Golf
    CAO Criollo
    CAO Black
    Bohemian Black
    Augusto Reyes Nativo
    Gurkha Regent
    Graycliff G2
    The best Cheap cigar I ever smoked El Mejor Emerald

    Honorable mention
    Perdomo² Maduro
    Perdomo Reserve Cameroon
    CAO Brazilia
    Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend
    Fonseca Habana Selección
    Felipe Gregorio ‘Dos Capas’
    The Edge by Rocky Patel
    Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon

  29. After 25 years of Havanas, my recent foray into what’s currently available in the US has yielded the following:

    PDR Clasico, HSG, Seleccion & VLR
    Perdomo2 Cam
    Avo Domaine
    Perdomo ESV 91
    AB Tempus Genesis
    Don Pepin JJ Maduro
    Trinidad Toro

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