Room 101 Cigars Contest: We Have A Winner

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Room 101 Cigars Contest: We Have A Winner

During the month of November, Stogie Review offered our readers / viewers a chance to win a box of Room 101 Cigars. In order to enter yourself into the random drawing, we asked everyone to submit their “Matt Booth Pose”.

Throughout the contest we received some awesome entries. Some looked really cool and one or two others had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. In the end we had a total of nineteen entries. Brian, Jerry, and I hope that you had as much fun entering your pictures as we did viewing them.

As promised, we stopped taking entries last night and I randomly selected a winner just this monring. Our randomly selected winner was Bob T. His photo entry can be seen below. To view all entries for this contest, head to the bottom of the post and check out the Flickr Slideshow.

Bob T - Room 101 Contest Winner

I’d Like to thank everyone that entered our little contest, as well as everyone who checked back routinely to view each new entry. It was a lot of fun and we hope to be be able to run a contest like this again in the future.

Flickr Sideshow

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2 thoughts on “Room 101 Cigars Contest: We Have A Winner

  1. Nice entries to everyone!!!

    Awesome win Bob!! Now send me that there Sopranos – you wont like em 😉


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