The Conspiracy Invasion

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The Conspiracy Invasion

The Conspiracy invaded the DC/VA/MD area this week with three events. First stop was an event with W.Curtis Drapers at Shelly’s Backroom in Washington DC. Second stop was Havana Connections (Short Pump) in Richmond VA and ending the week of events was the third event at Bethesda Tobacco in Bethesda MD. Due to my day job obligations, I missed the W.Curtis Drapers/Shelly’s Backroom event but luckily I was able to spend most of the day at Bethesda Tobacco.

It was great seeing Matt Booth and Dylan Austin for the first time since our interview at IPCPR as well as my local Camacho Rep aka Camacho Joe (I left early, I wonder if he ever found those knee pads). Matt was super busy tending to folks wanting to know more about Room101 cigars. Spent time catching up with Dylan and hearing what a big hit Room101 cigars has been, reaching Europe, Japan, Indonesia and Australia and possibly extending the line?

The next highlight was definitely seeing the sick hardware accessories that Matt is rolling out to compliment the Room101 cigar line. I was blinded by the silver and in awe of the black diamonds that I don’t remember all the details on pricing or how to order but below are some pics:





I want to thank Matt, Dylan and Camacho Joe for the warm welcome when I arrived and for hanging out. Sitting with Dylan and comparing “daddy notes” was a very cool, down to earth, experience. Lastly, Mike and his crew at Bethesda Tobacco are always so welcoming. Along with W.Curtis Drapers, Bethesda Tobacco always treats me well. If you’re ever in the DC/MD area, they both are must stops.

UPDATED 12/22/2009
If you are interested in purchasing or have questions about any of the Room101 accessories you can contact Mike Copperman at Bethesda Tobacco (301) 907-7990.


10 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Invasion

  1. That is a lot of “bling” I love the room101 808 and I hope they do expand the cigar offerings! I would love to see some lower priced sticks with Connecticut wrappers and some Cameroon offerings also! Lets throw in Sumatra while we are at it 🙂


  2. I’m a HUGE Camcho fan. My house is literally littered with empty boxes. But I really hate this style over substance approach they’ve taken with the Room 101 cigar. I know there’s nothing really wrong with it if that’s they way they want to go, but it’s a big turn off for me.

    As for the stick itself, Domican tobacco really rubs my palate the wrong way and I didn’t care for it. I’ve had two and have two more resting to see if some time will help. But I think it’s mostly my anti-Dominican bias as others seem to love the cigar. 😀

  3. To Steve (Ratters), I must admit that being one of the few English gents that seems to comment on here I was afraid to say anything too derogatory about this style of cigar marketing that is popular in the US. So well said Sir, I am glad I am not alone. Give me a good cigar over bright and shiny things any time.

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