SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 Winner

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SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 Winner

We are officially down to the wire on the Second Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas. The deadline for the last grouping of prizes has lapsed and all that is left is to show off the winners as we close in on Christmas Day.

For the last grouping of prizes, we asked that you show us your creative side and create a Christmas related decoration. When it was all said and done, we got some very interesting entries. Some of which showed some real dedication as the cigars that were incorporated into the decoration became a permanent fixture, never to be smoked.

For their efforts, the winner of our Day 12 Contest walks away with a box of Camacho Liberty, courtesy of Camacho Cigars. This entry was my hands down favorite the moment it arrived in my inbox. While the nativity scene may look familiar, the manger made of cigars is truly unique.

Day 12 Winner


SR 12 Days of X-Mas - Day 12 Winner - Rick

Have someone doing some late shopping? Why not pass along your Cigar Related Christmas List. If your friends and family have never purchased cigars before, be sure to have them read our article on Giving the Gift of Cigars.

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6 thoughts on “SR 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 Winner

  1. Thanks Walt, I’m glad you liked it. I thought it would be a fun idea (I think I had a Lincoln Logs flashback when I did it, lol). I really appreciate the cigars and would like to thank Stogie Review for the contest and also Camacho for their contribution.

    I would also like to say thanks to you, Jerry and Brian for the great job you guys do. I always look forward to and enjoy the reviews. They have definitely broadened and enhanced my cigar hobby.
    Keep up the good work guys!

    Best Wishes,

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