La Herencia Cubana

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La Herencia Cubana

La Herencia Cubana

Thanks for everyone who voted for this week’s review on The Stogie Review Fan Forums. It was a tight race and the La Herencia Cubana was the dark horse and came out of no where to win it in the end. The La Herencia Cubana is another cigar from the stables of AJ Fernandez. Similar to the Man O’War series and the Disel Unholy Cocktail, it is only available from Cigars International and/or

The La Herencia Cubana turned out to be very different from the AJ Fernandez that I’m use to. I know Cigars International will tell you this is a full bodied cigar but lets be honest. Its body and flavor profile are both medium at best. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Video runs around 8 minutes and I have to say that the La Herencia Cubana brought me back to the days when I religiously stayed inside the mild-medium comfort zone. It was nice to be reminded that a medium bodied, medium flavor cigar can produce a enjoyable and refreshing smoking experience. The La Herencia Cubana wins your heart with its simple, soft and subtle flavor profile and at $3 a cigar, is easy on the wallet.


16 thoughts on “La Herencia Cubana

  1. Nice Review!!

    Al sent me one of these a while back and I enjoyed it very much. I know this might not make our own Joe (Shake) too happy, but I liked this one much more than the Oscuro Fuerte in the line. I have been interested in trying this stick in a corona size.

    One tip. stop fading out during Long Fuckin Ashes!!

    Keep it up, buddy!

    1. Great review of a great cigar!! I have smoked both the LHC Original and the LHC Oscuro Fuerte, and I enjoy them equally….one earlier in the day (Original), and one later (Oscuro Fuerte) makes a great combo. Now I just need to acquire the Man O’ War Ruination to complete the trifecta.

  2. Haha, I do love both the cigars actually. I will say that with this the sizes are very different in flavor profile. Jerry, if you get a chance and ever have time try it in a couple sizes (at least they did a year ago, who knows now). I agree with you on the body of the cigar, not even close to full.

    Nice review, lol, nutty goodness.

  3. Awesome review. I have had a couple of these in the past, got them in a trade. If I remember correctly I did like them just have not sought any more out. I will have to remedy that situation as soon as the wife’s purse strings untighten 😉


  4. I fell in love with these the very first time it tried one. Needless to say I have a few resting comfortably in the humi. Recently got a 5-pack of the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte that I can’t wait to try.

  5. I have been smoking this cigar for a while now and enjoy it quite a bit. As usual CI descriptions of cigars should be construed strictly as creative writing with little regard to reality. I agree this is medium bodied/medium strength at best. The delicate nutty taste is very pleasant and a nice change from the powerhouses many of us tend to smoke these days.

  6. I wouldn’t be suprised that CI advertises this as full-bodied, they do the same thing with the Cuba Libre. But I trust AJ Fernandez, he’s another guy who never lets me down.

  7. Just picked up 10 of these on a DD. (Fantastic deals most every day, by the way); all the glowing reviews make me glad I pulled the trigger; can’t wait to get them, now!

  8. I just tried one of these and it was pretty fantastic, till about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way into it. Thats when I started to notice tar oozing like a volcano out of the end and onto my lips and teeth leaving a very bitter taste. I used a punch, as I most often do on decent ring sizes sticks, and have had a little tar eruption with other smokes before but nothing like this and NEVER that soon. It hasn’t turned me off to this brand, like I said it was a great noontime smoke, until…..I will have to try again and hope this was a fluke, cause it showed alot of promise and by the other reviews I’m not mistaken.

  9. I agree with most of the other observations; both versions of the line are a great value (on C-bid regularly under $2 a stick) neither the natural or oscuro finish very well, though (last inch). For the price, I don’t really care.

  10. Received a sample lac toro extra fuerte in a sample pack, and love it. The second I light it, the peppery flavor hit, mellowed out some, but flavor stays througout the cigar. Kind of reminds me of a Cuban Montecristo, but 1/4th the price. Try one, can’t beat the price for a great cigar!

  11. Bought 2 boxes of La Herencia Cubana at CI auction in June, just fired up my first one in October.
    Very complex, middle of the road strength, awesome everyday cigar, box is beautiful, just like the cigar.
    I am a true AJ fan, every cigar they make is scrumptious.
    This is one hell of a cigar for under $3

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