Cigar Shop Review: Schuylerville, NY – Badgers Cigar Den

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Cigar Shop Review: Schuylerville, NY – Badgers Cigar Den

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Name of Shop: Badger Cigar Den
Date Visited: 12/03/2009
Street Address: 102 Broad Street
City: Schuylerville
State: NY
Zip: 12871
Phone Number: (518) 507-6464
Hours of Operation: Mon – Friday Noon to Whenever
Saturday 10am to Whenever
Sunday 10am to 6pm
Monday and Tuesday Samoan is Resting

Guest - Badgers Cigar Den - 1

Location: Average
Schuylerville NY isn’t exactly a hot bed of activity but it’s 9 miles east of Saratoga Springs so if you don’t feel like being in Saratoga it is worth the visit.

Staff: Exceptional
So far only Nate works there. He is a great guy and is well known in the area. He is knowledgeable and will give you some recommendations should you require that.

Stock: Above Average
For a brand new shop he is carrying some nice cigars and has a nice selection. He has Perdomo, Kristoff, DiFazio, Brittania, etc. I am forgetting some I know. He has cabinet humidors instead of a walk in. I think it looks pretty cool and old fashioned which is what he said he is going for. He said he also feels he can control the humidity better that way.

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Lounge: Above Average
Nice big lounge. Free Wifi. They had a bar counter (no booze just bar stools) you can sit at. They also have a pretty large seating area, with a small flat screen TV, complimentary water, soda, or coffee.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
Overall I think it’s a really nice place. It’s very relaxing to just sit there and chill. The chairs were old school leather wingbacks, hardwood floors with throw rugs. I was very happy to have stopped there. His website is not up yet but will be soon. I would go back for sure. If you are ever in the area I would say it’s worth the trip.

Guest - Badgers Cigar Den - 4
The owner Nate

Sorry for the sub par phone photos.

enjoying cigars since 2005

3 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Schuylerville, NY – Badgers Cigar Den

  1. Hi Nate, I reviewed the photos of your shop online I loved every piece of it: layout, simplicity, classy display cabinets, color, and the touch of the old west. I spoke to Lisa and she referred me to view pictures of your shop. Since I’m planning to start a cigar shop in southern Arizona and would like some ideas and some general recommendations if possible. Would that be O.K if I call you?
    Congratulation and best of luck
    414 213 0458

  2. Nate, I dont know if you remeber me. I was a customer in the saratoga shop you worked in. You were the only one I liked talking to because you really knew your info. on a good stoggy. My freinds Wade and Ned and a couple others have been coming. I have heard nothing but the best about your new shop. I am so excited about coming and seeing it and having a cigar with the boys there. We are coming tomorrow afternoon. Anyway glad to hear that someone is willing to do a cigar shop the right way. Will def. be a life long customer!!! =) Already pleased and havent even come in yet. Trust me, us boys get around trying out all kinds of shops to find the best. We may have found a new oasi ……in a dying world of cigars lounges!!

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