CAO Escaparate #7

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CAO Escaparate #7

CAO Escaparate 7

I need to thank Adrian and Butthead’s Tobacco for thinking of me. Adrian gave me the heads up on the CAO Escaparate #7 months ago and was kind enough to make sure I got enough to do a review. We are no stranger to CAO’s Escaparate collection. We’ve reviewed many of them like the MX3 and Bratalia to name a couple. Also, thanks to the Stogie Review Fan Forums for voting. The CAO Escaparate #7 edged out the Tatuaje Drac, Punch Uppercut and Fuente King T this week.

It turns out that the CAO Escaparate #7 was one of the prototypes in the running for what is now the CAO Vision. While the blend for all the cigars in the Escaparate collection are secret we know that the Vision consists of a Dominican Corojo wrapper, Dominican binder and a filler of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Brazilian tobacco. The Vision was also rolled in the La Aurora factory in the Dominican but like I said, the details on this Escaparate are pretty hush hush. I did try hard to find out more but John Huber was pretty tight lipped about the #7.

Video runs close to 11 minutes. I have to say that if the CAO Escaparate #7 had been chosen as the blend for the Vision, I would’ve purchased more Visions. I found the sharp woodsy flavor and dark molasses like sweetness to be a homerun flavor profile. Both were unique and challenging and maybe the reason why it wasn’t chosen. I could easily see how the sharp flavors could be mislabeled as rough or harsh. I’m not sure on pricing, since these were provided to me, but I’m guessing they are around the usual Escaparate price and in the $9-$12 range depending which of the five sizes you choose.

How To Order
If you’d like to order the CAO Escaparate #7 cigars, one of the places that they are available at is Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium in Danbury CT. Their phone number is (203) 792-4327. Be sure to tell them you saw my review on The Stogie Review. Neither of us will get anything out of it, its just a nice thing to do for us.


15 thoughts on “CAO Escaparate #7

  1. You likey the dark honey? 🙂

    Jerry: “…the nutty flavors are all there…”
    Marc: “That’s what she said!”

    I need to get my hands on one of these escaparate releases. The CAO LX2 is one of my top 5 smokes.

    Good job as always.


  2. you are a, and I quote, “A big woody kinda guy” ROFLMAO

    Great look at another Escaparate cigar, but I still won’t search them out. I am in agreement with a lot of people out there that these exclusives and hard to find cigars are just getting to be too much. If you want to do something, why not just make it a house blend for the local shop? I guess it is a good money maker for the shop and the company that does them, but as a consumer, I really will not go out of my way to find and procure them.


  3. Buttheads is actually less than 2 miles from my college so I usually spend 10+ hours week in there smoking and shootin’ the shit. I gotta say, they’re selling well and I haven’t come across anybody who has smoked em’ and didn’t like em’. Three cheers for limited access to good tobaccos lol

    1. Thanks for the post Ernie! Always a pleasure to have you and Sarah in the shop!

      Escaparate #7 order form with sizes and prices is up on the website today!

      Click on Escaparate Blend link at top of page!

      We ship worldwide!!!!!!
      Paypal accepted for international orders.

      Kevin Paige
      Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium

  4. Just saw the very beginning of your review, and looks like you didn’t cheer hard enough 🙂 We Canucks just edged you out in OT.

    Quality game though, and Burke put together one helluva team.

    Gotta get back to work, so I’ll check out the rest of the review later.


  5. Wow, I had no idea that companies have “buffer-brands” that they make to test the water before a full release. Well we lost to Canada in hockey, but at least your beard is fuller than I’ve ever seen it!

  6. I usually don’t smoke a lot of CAO either, but this cigar really is delicious. It’s a nice mild to medium body smoke with great flavor and a beautiful wrapper. I spend a lot of time at Buttheads, but if I didn’t live so close I would sure track them down.

  7. No Jerry, you the man, haha. Great review bro. You guys do a great job once Kevin told me that these sticks were coming in I new I had to hook you up. Butthead’s is an awesome place and there all like family to me. I’ll see you at cigarfest brotha!! Enjoy

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