Cigar Shop Review: Arlington, VA – Cigar Connections

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Cigar Shop Review: Arlington, VA – Cigar Connections

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Name of Shop: Cigar Connections
Date Visited: 9/23/09 (but almost daily)
Street Address: 1000 N Randolph St # 1A
City: Arlington
State: VA
Zip: 22201
Phone Number: (703) 294-6363
Hours of Operation: 10 – 9 (M-Sat) 11 – 5 (Sun)
Website: Website is currently being developed

Location: Above Average
The shop is located right on the main strip through Arlington. It has a prime corner location less than a block from the Metro.

Staff: Above Average
The staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Recently 2 new employees were brought in. One is a “certified tobacconist” from Cigar University. They know there stuff and are very easy to talk to or get help with your selection.

Stock: Above Average
Given the area they are in and the cost of retail, they are able to keep their pricing fairly low. They have all of the major brands, a good portion of the boutique brands and are working on adding the ones they do not carry. They also have a large selection of humidors, cutters and lighters.

Lounge: Average
The Lounge is nothing over the top, but very relaxed and comfortable. There are 6 leather club chairs as well as two flat panel TV’s. The shop also has a Espresso Machine for it’s customers.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
This is my daily shop. I might be biased as I’ve developed a good relationship with the owner, however even when I first started going I was treated very well. As with many shops once you develop that friendship they do a very good job to take care of you, selling items at very good discounts, putting stuff away that they know loyal customers want to ensure it remains in stock long enough for them to get them.

I will definitely continue to go there.

enjoying cigars since 2005

5 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Arlington, VA – Cigar Connections

  1. I have to disagree with a lot of this review. I’ve been here several times, and each time I wonder why I ever went back.

    Things I agree with:
    1) Good location
    2) Decent lounge (comfy chairs, lots of natural light)
    3) Decent stock (I tend to think they try to carry too many “well known” cigars and brands to attract the local yokels who aren’t as cigar savvy as those who would frequent sites like this.)

    However, they are WAY overpriced, even for the Arlington area (bias note: I live about 1 mile from Georgetown, so I can get to Georgetown Tobacco, who has better prices (or so says me anyway)).

    And I was not impressed with their staff at all. The first time I ever went in there, the guy took me for a rube and tried to sell me the most expensive stuff in the store. I suppose it depends on who is working at the time.

    Overall, I would score this place average at best.

    1. Matt, may I ask when you last went? In the past, like many stores, they have had a couple people who in the grand scheme are just “guys who work there.” Likely the fallback for them was to sell you what would bring in the most money.

      I have personally witnessed both the owner and Mike (the GM) sell people down. One time a lady came in and she wanted 10 cigars for her husband and his friends, and was looking at some $7 smokes. She was afraid they wouldn’t like them and it may be a waste. The owner switched her into a bundle of 20 for $25.

      If you haven’t been recently, I invite you to revisit. Let me know when you go and we can have a smoke together. I work across the street.

      You are right in that they carry many well known stuff and not as much boutique. I suppose that is the nature of the beast. As an owner you have to carry what you know will sell. For what it’s worth, their first shipment of Tatuaje products will be arriving I believe at the end of this month. They are also working on getting Illusione in the store.

  2. I was actually just there last Thursday or Friday. I fully agree with different strokes for different folks, but this place is just not for me.

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