The Process of Choosing Cigars

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The Process of Choosing Cigars

Towards the middle of January, I got into a bit of a writing groove. The walls of writers block crumbled and a flood of post ideas and the urge to write struck me. After I wrote a variety of things for Stogie Review, I moved to write a handful of things for my personal blog. Once I was tapped out of ideas for both sites, I still possessed the urge to write. To quench that urge, I posted on Twitter that I was up for writing Gust Posts for other cigar blogs.

My only stipulation to these Guest Posts were that I had no interest in coming up with a topic. I explained that I would take suggestions on topics and run with anything that inspired me. After receiving a variety of topics that were interesting, only one developed into a comprehensive article. The article was based on how I went about selecting cigars and was written for Tony Casas of Casas Fumando.

Below you can find the introduction to that article. If it interests you, take a moment to head on over to Casas Fumado for The Process of Choosing Cigars

Guest Article - Process of Choosing Cigars

As a passionate cigar smoker of nearly four years I, at times, find it difficult to select a cigar for a given situation. I believe that my single biggest problem is over-thinking my selection and hitting a proverbial wall when confronted by too many options. It is at this time that I generally take the easy road and select a cigar I am very comfortable with over one that I have limited or no experience with. In addition, I find that I have more difficulty selecting my cigar in some situations than I do in others.

If you are reading this article, chances are good that you find yourself in similar situations. If you are new to the wonderful world of cigars, this article will help guide you in a general direction so that you can make a more informed decision when reaching for your cigar. If you are a veteran cigar smoker, perhaps brushing up on some of the basics will help your decisions come s little easier.

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