Cigar Shop Review: Burke, Virginia – Burke Cigar

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Cigar Shop Review: Burke, Virginia – Burke Cigar

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Name of Shop: Burke Cigar
Date Visited: September 16 2009
Street Address: 9558 Old Keen Mill Rd
City: Burke
State: VA
Zip: 22015
Phone Number: 703-440-0678
Hours of Operation:
Mon – Thurs, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Fri – Sat, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sun, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: Average
Its tucked away in the corner of a shopping center. lots of people are in and out of the area, but i dont think many people pay attention to the shop itself.

Staff: Exceptional
The staff is great. Every time I’m in there, I have questions, and every time they answer with enthusiasm and accuracy.

Stock: Average
All the cigars themselves are good. They are kept in good condition and they always seem to be humidified well. on the negative side, because it’s such a small shop, they don’t have a huge selection of cigars, and the prices are slightly above average.

Lounge: Below Average
its clean and it has Wi-Fi but it is just one table with three chairs around it. I’ve never personally smoked there, but almost every time I’m in there, a few guys are hanging out, talking about fishing and scotch while they smoke, so apparently it’s nice enough for some.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
I know my “Overall Opinion” rating may not seem to add up with all the other ratings, but Burke Cigar holds a special place in my heart. It’s a small place, yes, and because of that it has some…. lets say “quirks,” but the employees are always friendly, and helpful. It may not sound appealing to all, but in my mind, it’s the small town of cigar shops, and i will be back again soon.

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2 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Burke, Virginia – Burke Cigar

  1. I disagree, I would rate this only average. The prices are high(er) by a small percentage than most other stores in the area, and the lounge area reminds me of a college frat house complete with crappy, worn out furniture. The WORST part of this establishment is the atrocious ventilation system. Within 2 minutes of visiting, my clothes reek – to the point that my kids complain if I only run in buy a cig and run out. Also, I don’t like the cameras over the humidor watching my every move.

    IF I opened a cig shop on the other end of the strip mall, Burke Cigar would be out of business within the month.

    Friendly staff though.

  2. I would rate this store well above average. This past weekend, I attended a Cigar Promotion Event at Burke Cigar and had an excellent experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and there was a pretty good deal on event purchases. The store may be small but it is definately comfortable. There was a table set up out in front of the store to enjoy the November afternoon sun. There were tables at the front of the store with a TV showing a College football game. The lounge area at the rear of the store also had a TV with a different College Game showing on it. The ventilation was good as there are 2 systems installed in the ceiling. When I was there, I saw at least 20+ people talking and enjoying themselves. Overall, there is an excellent selection of Cigars to choose from (besides the cigar event promotion) and the prices are competitive for the area. The store has WiFi and the furniture is in pretty good shape. I signed up for the stores email notification of future cigar events. Yes – I will definately go back to Burke Cigar.

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