Smokin Tweets Published In Cigar Snob

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Smokin Tweets Published In Cigar Snob

Cigar Snob Article - Smokin TweetsA couple of months ago I wrote an article on my personal blog talking about the benefits of cigar manufacturers utilizing the Twitter service. After the article made the rounds on Twitter and a handful of people got a look at it, I was approached by Cigar Snob Magazine to write a similar article to be featured in an upcoming issue.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to write something for a print publication and got started on a new article right away. The premise was to draft something that would show the benefits of Twitter to both manufacturers and consumers.

After submitting the article, I am pleased to announce that it made it into the March issue of Cigar Snob Magazine. It can be viewed online, free of charge, starting at page 75, although it is a little difficult to read. If you local cigar shop carries the magazine, I’d love for you to pick up the magazine and read the article the next time you go in for a visit. If you are a subscriber, that makes reading it much more convenient.

After reading the article, please take a moment to comment on your thoughts of utilizing Twitter to gain information on cigars as well as having access to cigar manufacturers.

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