Women of Cigarfest 2010

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Women of Cigarfest 2010

Cigarfest 2010 - Booth Babes - 21

After last years Cigarfest, we put together a sideshow featuring all of the models. It was a rather popular post (sex sells, go figure), so we thought we would do it once again this year.

Mike and I took turns snapping pictures of the models. We did our best to get them all, but I’m sure there were a couple that got away. You’ll notice that a number of them went through a wardrobe change to keep things fresh as the show went on.

All of the models were awesome when it came to taking pictures. None of them had any issues with wanting their photo and were kind enough to strike a pose for us. With that said, I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as we did taking them.

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12 thoughts on “Women of Cigarfest 2010

  1. Ok – on a slightly more serious note -the last wine event where they had … talent .. like this i was very disappointed. They were representing the wine makers, yet couldnt answer basic questions. Now, listen, I’m a guy, I get it, sex sells, but when you’re at an event where you expect serious information about something you invest a LOT of time and money into, you want serious representation. I would love for the cigar companies (wine companies) to invest the time and money in at least educating their talent.

    Yes, this cigar is our newest release. it’s 3 year aged Honduras filler with a Connecticut shade wrapper .. tell me you wont buy a case before she finishes ….

  2. @Alex
    I give pearl necklaces for free.

    I like how you chose to use the word “women” for these girls, classy.

  3. This was such a sweet collaboration of the pictures! Thank you for including me! Hope to see you back next year!

  4. Hi Gentlemen,

    Wow…where should I start – first the girls are incredibly attractive, that’s a given – the necklaces are a tad offensive – representative of women in bondage – poor taste Cigarfest, and to think I promoted the event on Cigars4Women [won’t do that again, Gary]

    c’mon Cigarfest – lets have a little more respect for women, especially since we represent a growing number in this industry. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I seem to recall the Cigar Association estimated that there are now half a million women cigar smokers! what does that translate in dollars?

    try as I might, I can’t seem to get you guys to stop this sh**

    here’s a little suggestion CigarFest – maybe put a warning label on your invite next time “caution Women cigar lovers – only attend if you don’t mind being disrespected!”

    Longest Ashes,

    Damsel aka Clarice….

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