The Dog Walker

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The Dog Walker

Its always great to talk to people for the first time. I’ve been enjoying the 7-20-4 line by Kurt Kendall for some time now so it was great to see him have one of the more busier booths. We got lucky passing by his booth during the lunch hour and got a few minutes with Kurt before his booth started to get swamped. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “The Dog Walker

  1. Is it me or does Kurt kinda talk like John Wayne? “Well hello there pilgrim, saddle up & have a ceegar!”
    HAha – Kurt is a stand up guy!

  2. I drive from Souteastern MA to his shop in NH just to do business with this guy. He’s a stand up guy and his store is second to no other.

  3. Kurt Kendall is one of the best cigar shop owner ever! Go to his store and see what i’m talking about!! You will not be disappointed!

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