The Conspiracy Continues

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The Conspiracy Continues

Always style’n and profile’n we caught up with Matt Booth so he could tell us all about his new addition to the Room101 lineup with the Conjura Edition. Matt also shows off some his new lighters…what you don’t see is that we are being filmed as we filmed the interview. Apparently Matt has a film crew following him around for the next 6 months or so…I sure hope we don’t end up on the cutting room floor.


5 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Continues

  1. “His favorite top 3 smokes of all time”

    “Retail about $175 on the shelf…I just want to bring something to the table that has a more attainable price point”.

    I want to fucking punch this tool.

  2. I like the Room 101 cigars, but this video was weak. He really does come off as a douche in this one.
    So…what IS the price point on those “attainable” accessories???

    1. Price point is probably more than you or I can afford. LOL. Remember, he’s used to dealing with the “rich & famous” in L.A.

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