IPCPR 2010 – Random Show Floor Footage

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IPCPR 2010 – Random Show Floor Footage


Like past years, Jerry and I made a point to get over to the convention center when registration opened to pick up our press passes. As the day wears on, the line at the registration area gets horribly long. With our badges secured, and a little more than an hour of time to kill, Jerry and I decided to try something new. Unlike past years where we waited for the floor to open, we walked towards the entrance to the show floor with our best “do you know who I am faces”. To our surprise, security let us pass and we felt like kids in a candy store.

Our first thought was to take advantage of the relatively empty space and give everyone a behind the scenes look at the various booths. We began walking through the areas that weren’t heavy with setup crews and recorded some random footage. The result of that footage can be found below.

As you will see, much of the footage is pretty rough. To keep with the behind the scenes feel, it was left unpolished and contains random comments between Jerry and I as we walked around.

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