Blind Tasting at Sir Stogies

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Blind Tasting at Sir Stogies

In the past, I have hosted blind tastings at local cigar shops. I would gather a group of people and create a sort of focus group to discuss a particular cigar. As the name implies, the cigar would be unbanded and no information would be provided before lighting up.

It has been some time since I’ve done a blind tasting. Logistically they were a little difficult to pull off but everyone always had a good time. I got to talking to Tim, from Sir Stogies, about possibly hosting a tasting in his shop and he loved the idea. I asked that he speak with roughly twelve customers (as diverse a crowd as he could manage) and the feedback was fantastic.

Unlike past tastings, I’m going to attempt to stream the event live on Stogie Review. The event is scheduled for 5:00 PM EST on Sunday August 22nd (today). The video stream will appear in the uStream box below. If you leave your browser open waiting for the event, you may need to refresh the page for the video to appear.

Watch the Stogie Review Blind Tasting
at Sir Stogies Live at 5:00 PM EST

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

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  1. I wish more B&M’s would host blind tastings like this. For that matter, even the manufacturers hosting blind tastings would be awesome! Of course, of the latter, they would need to have thick enough skin to take what an average joe smoker might say – good or bad!

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