Chill’n with David Blanco

5 thoughts on “Chill’n with David Blanco

  1. Dave really is a great guy. And he is dead on with those pairings. The Sumatra on its own was good, but not great. But pair it with Cafe Con Leche, and it is out of this world.

  2. Great interview! Bought the NINE lancero and smoked it at C.I.G.A.R. in San Antonio. I rushed the cigar due to time constraints, but was impressed with the flavor profile. Great cigar but I will have to revisit it for sure.

  3. I am totally with Danny on this. David is one of the best guys to sit around with a smoke a cigar and shoot the shit with. Also, I love the Sumatra with Coffee. Easily one of the best pairings ever. Again, not the best stick on it’s own, but with coffee… wow. The Nine Lancero is also super fantastic. blows most lanceros out of the water, including the CAO LX2 Lancero which I like very much.

    1. Agreed, the Sumatra is magic with that first cup of coffee in the morning.

      I also really like his idea of the retailer asking, “what are you going to have to drink with the cigar.” It definitely makes a difference.

  4. As much as I understand making the Nine Limited in a 58 Ring, I wish we could see that cigar in a more traditional size. But with the overwhelming demand for big rings, what choice does he have?

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