IPCPR 2010 New Cigars In Brief

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IPCPR 2010 New Cigars In Brief

IPCPR Cigars In Brief
As is the case every year after the IPCPR tradeshow, the questions come pouring in about the new cigars introduced. What was your favorite? What surprised you? What should I be on the look out for? What did you think about such-and-such cigar? The truth is that with all the hustle to get the Twitter Brother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour ready and film the video interviews, I really didn’t smoke as many cigars as I have in shows past. So in the week following the show, I made it my mission to smoke my way through to some answers. (It bears noting that what follows is not a complete list of the new cigars at IPCPR or even the ones in the TBOTLCH press kit, but it does cover my progress so far.)

As you read this, keep in mind that these are all free trade show samples, the majority of them directly out of the Twitter Brother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour press kit. For the most part, the following reflects one smoke and one quick opinion. Of course, there is the chance that the product that reaches the shelves will be noticeably different than what I describe below, due possibly to blending changes, the benefits of additional aging, more ideal storage conditions, or other factors.

Standout Smokes
Cigars that for one reason or another really impressed me, and as the implied by the title of this section, really stood out from the pack. I recommend trying these as soon as they hit the shelves at your local tobacconist.

CAO La Traviata Maduro
Surprisingly different from the natural La Traviata. Very rich, could swear I tasted peanut butter and chocolate. Smoked with morning coffee, great pairing. Will need spend more time with it to decide it takes steals the title of “my favorite CAO cigar” from it’s natural brother. (Check out Walt’s thoughts on it here.)

EP Carrillo Core Line
Ernesto told me he was going for cigar that tasted like a cross between the Edition Inaugural (a favorite of mine) and the current Short Run. What he brought to the table is a cigar that reminds me a lot of the Edicion Inaugural, only with fuller flavor and body. Simply put, a great smoke.

Gran Habano Azteca
Great rich flavor and impressive price, and probably the cigar that surprised me most. This cigar is going to give the Liga Privada a run for it’s money. One person told me that he tasted coca cola in the flavor profile.

La Caridad Del Cobre La Charada No. 64
This cigar wastes no time in dishing up some beautiful lingering, whole-mouth-coating flavor, and burns every bit as nicely. Roasted nuts, caramel, earth and a little wood. Excellent. If this single smoke is a fair representation of the line, it’s box-worthy.

Macanudo Cru Royal
Beautiful toothy, oily wrapper and a beautiful burn. Syrup, light grass, and a distinct pineapple flavor. Hands down the best Macanudo I’ve ever had, and really want to smoke another! Well done, General.

Master by Carlos Torano
This cigar opened up with a coffee and velvety aromatic cedar flavor that made me say wow. As the cigar progressed, leather, nuts and chocolate appeared and were no less impressive. This cigar is just beautiful and every complex puff is a rich reward. I can’t wait to smoke another.

Pinar Del Rio Clasico Culebra
One of the best tasting Connecticut wrapped cigars I’ve had in a while. Though not technically a new release, these have apparently changed from the ground up recently: new tobacco, new farms, new factory, new bands, etc. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the culebra from Don Leoncio that Walt, Jerry and I split. The word is that they fresher they are the better, so don’t wait to light one up.

Good Smokes
Cigars that are worthy of your time and your dime, but didn’t wow me quite as much as those listed above.

262 Paradigm
A solid, enjoyable smoke, if not all that exciting. Did not notice much in the way of flavor transition. This was one of the first cigars I lit up in New Orleans, and to be honest, I was a little distracted at the time.

A.J. Fernandez San Lotano Maduro
An interesting and respectable maduro that early on tastes like a cup of coffee with ample cream and sugar, and develops savory, smokey meat flavor, pepper and some anise as it progresses.

Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut
A decent, though jaw-breakingly sized, Connecticut that offers up slightly sweet creamy and bready flavors.

Avo Heritage
Caramel, wood, slightly spicy grass on a creamy base. Outside of the recent Limited Editions, Avo’s best.

Brickhouse Mighty Mighty
Though bigger than I’d like, I do like the way the additional filler smooths out that caramel mustard flavor combination.

CAO Brazilia Corcovado
CAO gets in on the short, large ring gauge format with this line extension to the Brazilia. It’s been a while since I smoked a Brazilia, but this chubby little smoke seems richer than I remember them being. An enjoyable mix of sweetness, savory wood, cocoa and coffee.

CAO LX2 Sixty
I wasn’t sure what to expect with this new, hefty addition to the LX2 line. I suspected more filler might take of the bite out of the cigar, but it might also mean significantly more ligero than other sizes. It seems I was right on both counts, the Sixty features the same dark pepper, coffee and wood flavors, but smoothed out a bit and it does seem to pack more of a punch than the smaller vitolas.

Don Diego Fuerte
Not a bad little smoke. Burns well and offers of some enjoyable chocolate and espresso flavors.

El Primer Mundo
Still love it. (Check out my recent review for more details.)

El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro Corona
Not a new line, but a new size. And this smaller ring gauge really makes that San Andreas wrapper shine. It’s a little smoking a rich milk chocolate candy bar with a little spice.

Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles
Wispy smoke and a tad tight on the draw. Syrupy copper zing, cocoa, nuts and earth. Very enjoyable. Not really relevant to the cigar itself, I really like the picture featured inside the box lid and in advertising.

Guillermo Leon
Spice, syrupy grass, blueberry sweetness and the occasional butteriness. One of the more interesting and complex La Aurora cigars I’ve had in a while. It will be interesting to see how this cigar evolves with some humidor rest.

Hoyo De Monterrey Reposado en Cedros
Much like the new Macanudo, this Hoyo has taken a departure from the well known band. Rich roasted nuts, nougat, cinnamon and butterscotch. A light, but solid stick. Recommended if you have a sweet tooth and don’t feel like making an ice cream sunday.

Jesus Fuego 777 Zero
A tasty, creamy, earthy, bready connecticut that burns very nicely.

La Aurora Corojo
A cigar that just begs for the company of an ice cold Presidente. Grass, spice and enjoyable wood smoke character to this stick.

La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Obelisco
A solid smoke that looks more interesting than it tastes. That is not to say its mix of coffee, chocolate and caramel is bad or even necessarily boring (though it does remind me of a number of other cigars), it just hard to top the unique new vitola format.

La Palina Alison
This Graycliff-made cigar with feminine name and a picture of a lady band may surprise you. It delivers a hefty parcel of smoky savory wood, leather and espresso flavors.

La Sirena
This unbanded, toothy, darkly wrappered smoke offered up equally dark chocolate, coffee and syrupy wood flavors with a touch of spice.

Nestor Miranda Art Deco
A cigar that’s a pleasure to the eyes both before lighting and as it burns. I picked up an enjoyable combination of grass, apple and caramel from this retro looker.

Room 101 LTD Conjura
Right out of the cellophane the Conjura had a very pronounce raisin aroma both on the wrapper and at the foot. Once lit, the unbanded sample produced a pronounced and spicy vegetal/grass flavor with a little raisiny sweetness.

Smokes I Didn’t Care For
Everybody’s preferences differ, and some cigars just don’t do it for you. Here is the one that didn’t do it for me. And considering how many new smokes were introduced this year, I’m really impressed that there was only one!

Torano Single Region Serie Jalapa
An interesting cigar that seems to fuse some of the potency of a brewery with molasses, nuts and some of that infamous Nicaraguan zing. I didn’t care for it, but I have to give it kudos for uniqueness.

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16 thoughts on “IPCPR 2010 New Cigars In Brief

  1. Brian,
    You are absolutely right about not smoking many cigars. Of the three trade shows I’ve been to, this is the year I probably smoked the least. While it may not seem difficult to smoke a cigar and operate a video or still camera, it really is. For that reason alone I don;t think I topped 3 cigars on any of my days on the show floor.

    You’ve gotten through more of your IPCPR samples than I have. Of the ones you listed, I was most impressed with the EP Carrillo Core Line (La Traviata Maduro is very good but it wasn’t new to me at the show). I also smoked that “this is a project I’m working on” cigar that Ernesto handed us at the Gala Opening, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I also tried the largest of my La Cridad del Cobre samples and had to quit on it early. The Art Deco was decent but I thought the Guillermo Leon was much better. I thought the La Sirena was so-so but had high hopes for it as a Don Pepin Gacia stick.

    I’m surprised I didn’t see the J. Fuego Origin Soft Pack on your list. That was probably my second favorite sample so far and I can;t wait to see them locally.

    1. Good point on the J. Fuego Origen Soft Pack, I forgot about it really being a new cigar. For packaging alone, it is a standout… and it doesn’t hurt the the little cigars are pretty good too.

  2. Very nice Brian! I was wondering when us non IPCPR attendees would start to hear some word on the new stuff 🙂

    Hoping you make another list as you smoke through the rest. This was really a neat read!

  3. Great job, Brian. Really liked the qualifying statements at the beginning of the article. Hopefully the show samples don’t change much from what you tried and if so hopefully for the better. I am definitely anticipating trying as many of these as I can once they hit shelves. I managed to get a sample of the Art Deco and I am keeping my eyes peeled for the CAO La Traviata maduros.

  4. I have a love / hate relationship with IPCPR time…I LOVE all the new cigars…I HATE trying to find them..LOL..I LOVE the experience of trying a cigar for the first time..the anticipation of the very first puff…I HATE that sadly I will miss out on some of the more rare and limited sticks..Thanks Brian for giving us a heads up on all the new cigars..It’s nice to have a starting point on what to seek out…
    Thanks Again,

  5. I keep forgetting the J. Fuego Origin Soft Pack is new, as I was able to get about 3 packs of these back in April when I met up with Jesus. The price on these (about $13 for a 5 pack) is incredible and they are a fantastic smoke. I hope to see more blends come out in this size and packaging.

  6. Brian,
    Some very interesting smokes that like Rob alluded to, I’m gonna try and get my greedy short fingers on. Hopefully, the CAO La Trav maduro will be seen soon as well as the Guillermo Leon. Those are two of the cigars I have my sights set on. As well, I am looking forward to trying the Gran Habano Azteca. Heard good things now from a couple sources. Glad to hear your take on it too!

    Long ashes Bro!


  7. Oh man, I just can’t wait to try the new EPC Core line …..the inaugural and the shot run were so darn good.

  8. How can I get an IPCPR ticket for next year? VL here I come……just look at the cigar pictures that they make my mouth waters….

  9. I have had a few cigars that are new this year, and I have to say I have been fairly disappointed. The La Traviata Maduro was okay, but nothing special. The Maxx Conn was okay. The new Lx2 660 was okay but just uncomfortably big, I prefer the new tiny Bam size. 90 miles was pretty good, but nothing special. The Mi Amor La Aroma was like smoking a Padron Thousand Series Maduro and not quite as enjoyable.

    The only real standouts for me so far has been the EP Carillo core line. Very similar to the Edicion Inaugural but with a little more spice and character to it. The Churchill size was fantastic.

    The others have been the Tatuaje Verocu #5 and the Petit Cazadores Reserva. Both are just fantastic, complex, and quick smokes.

    I am excited to try a few more things as the shop gets them in. I would like to get my hands on the Origen Originals Soft-Pack.

  10. Sounds Great, I’d love to hear how that new Viaje comes out, I feel viaje dosn’t always get enough face time. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new guys, The IPCPR trade show is my christmas, Thanks for the first impressions and good overview.

  11. Nice survey of the new stuff. Just picked up the J Fuego soft pack yesterday enjoyed the one I smoked. Passed on the Azetca, now I wish I hadn’t. Can’t wait to try EP Carillo core line. I hear severe rain and floods are making it hard for Nic and Hon cigar makers. May delay getting inventory to stores. Have you guys heard about this problem?

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