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Stogie Review Trivia Contest

Trivia Contest Prizes - 1

Every so often Stogie Review likes to reward its viewers/reader with contest prizes. This time around we have something a little different, which we hope will be fun for all participating. In the photo above, there are five prizes. To win one of those prizes, we have a series of trivia questions for you to answer. The answers to those questions can be found on Stogie Review, the Stogie Review Fan Forum, and on the contest sponsor websites, Cheap Humidors and Buy Lighters.

We ask that in addition to answering the question, that you please show your work and include a link to where the answer was found. To submit your answers, head over to the Stogie Review Contact Form. In the subject of the email please include Contest Entry (emails will be filtered by this subject). The first five people to answer all questions correctly will win a prize (please make mention of your prize preference in your contest entry).

To be eligible to win you must reside within the Continental US and be at least eighteen-years of age. You may enter as many times as you like, however, you may only win one prize. In the event that questions are too difficult, we will offer hints next week.

Good luck and have fun!

Stogie Review Questions

Q1: In a past cigar review, a cedar sleeve was used to light the cigar. That piece of cedar erupted into flames and a cigar related item was used to contain it. What was that cigar related item and how was it obtained?

Q2: Who’s photo appeared on Stogie Review with their groin area censored?

Q3: In what store did one of the Stogie Review Guys purchase bulk ammo?

Q4: What cigar resulted in one of the Stogie Review crew praying to the porcelin god?

Q5: What cigar was Dave Hanifan smoking on January 3, 2009?

Q6: In what review was the “Tower of Burn” set in motion?

Q7: One of the Stogie Review crew once discovered what looked like green bailing material in thier cigar. What cigar contained this item?

Sponsor Questions

Q8: What shopping experience is used on as an example of Dave’s shopping philosophy.

Q9: By how much will beat a competitors price on an advertised item?

Q10: One of the Stogie Review guys has a knock-off version of this lighter. The real deal caries a retail price of $39.99 and has a large fuel reservoir. Which lighter is it?


There have been a couple of questions that seem to be causing a lot of difficulty. We have decided to offer a couple of hints to help out our participants.

Q1: Don’t forget the second part of the question. We also want to know how that item was obtained. The featured cigar in this review is machine made.

Q2: We are looking for an actual photo in this case. The photo appeared in the winter months.

Q3: The bulk ammo case was displayed in a video review which featured a cigar that is available in an ammo case.

Q4: While Jerry dry heaved in the Equus Limited Ligero video, someone from Stogie Review was shown, in a video, on the floor next to a toilet. We are looking for the latter.

Q5: This answer can be found among thousands of other responses to the question “What are you smoking”

Q6: Emphasis on the word “motion”

Q7: The cigar is Nicaraguan and should cost you less than $6.00

Contest Ends 10/11/2010

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11 thoughts on “Stogie Review Trivia Contest

  1. Ach! It’s my nemesis, the inimitable Agent 86!

    Yah, this one was SUPER annoying–playing RIGHT INTO those of us with ADD, o/c disorder, and general anality…

    My therapist thanks you.

    1. dj,
      No other entries. Going to run the contest until next week then we will close the contest and do something else with the prizes.

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