Augusto Reyes Red Label (First Impressions)

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Augusto Reyes Red Label (First Impressions)

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Earlier this month I had my first experience with an Augusto Reyes Signature. The cigar was provided for our Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour Press Kit and I was impressed by it. A couple of weeks later I came across a second cigar among my IPCPR samples and was more than happy to set it aflame.

When I mentioned what I was smoking on Twitter, it was suggested that I try the Augusto Reyes Red Label. My experience with the signature line, plus a Twitter recommendation, had me eager to give it a try. So, this morning I dug through my press kit and decided to light it up as my first cigar of the day. Just as with the Signature, I was impressed by what it had to offer.

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3 thoughts on “Augusto Reyes Red Label (First Impressions)

  1. I liked both the Signature and Red Label or Sixth Generation. I believe it was blended by one of his sons, hence the “Sixth Generation” on the label. Thanks for the review Walt and keep on smoking.

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