Augusto Reyes Signature (Short Ashes)

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Augusto Reyes Signature (Short Ashes)

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At this years IPCPR Trade Show in New Orleans, I was introduced to a few new brands. One of those brands, while not new to the industry, was Augusto Reyes. Having talked on Twitter, I was looking forward to getting over to the booth and sampling the brand. In addition to the sample I was given at the Augusto Reyes booth, I also came home with samples in my TBOTLCH Press Kit.

With time coming at a premium these days, I wanted to try and squeeze in as much material as possible. With that in mind I decided to record my first impression of a few IPCPR samples. The results of this little experiment is what you see below, a video which runs roughy five minutes.

This down and dirty review is based on a single sample. To muddy the waters even more, the sample was acquired at IPCPR, where storage conditions are far from optimal. With that said, please take the review for what its worth.

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2 thoughts on “Augusto Reyes Signature (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice short review Walt. I was gifted a couple of these and I enjoyed them. I did a search on the internet and they run for about $117 for a box of 20 robustos. Keep on smoking.

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