Satori (First Impressions)

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Satori (First Impressions)

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Before the IPCPR Trade Show officially opened, Jerry and I were fortunate enough to get inside and take a look around before things got busy. One of the stops we made was at the Viaje Booth to see what was new and exciting. Behind a glass display counter rested the Satori line.

Later, after the show floor opened, we made our way back over to the Viaje booth to talk to Andre Farkas. Andre talked to us on camera about the Viaje Fifty-Fifty, and spoke to us a little off camera about the small batch Satori line.

After an impressive experience with the Viaje Reserva Platino, I was eager to give the Satori a try. The video below runs about five-minutes and outlines my first impression of my IPCPR Sample. Please keep in mind that samples received from IPCPR were kept in less than optimal conditions and may vary greatly from what you find on store shelves.

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3 thoughts on “Satori (First Impressions)

  1. Another great look at one of the new cigars! Doesn’t sound too bad but like you, I am not fond of those dye jobs. Keep the natural appearance!

  2. Below was taken from the Viaje Facebook page. The question of dyed wrappers came up a few weeks ago.

    “Jere, In order to produce Maduro or Oscuro leaf the tobacco must undergo long fermentation at high temperatures. This type of fermentation produces rich oils. What you experienced is completely normal for this type of leaf. My factory practices only time honored traditions. Viaje or Raices Cubanas would never do ANYTHING artificial to the leaf. Our cigars are rolled using only natural processes. I hope this addresses your concerns.”

  3. Walt,

    I really enjoyed this cigar too. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall flavor profile as I expected it to be overwhelmingly a metallic taste due to the apparent dye-job. I didn’t get that at all. When we got these in the shop earlier this week, I immediately thought it was going to be terrible because it looked dyed, therefore terrible.

    It does have a really dense smoke to it, almost meaty. I also got that nice subtle caramelized sweetness as you which helped balance the overall flavor profile with the spice and meaty/dark tobacco flavors.

    I smoked the double perfecto size, so there may have been a little more variation in the complexity of the flavors, but overall it was a nice smoke.

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