Declaration “The Reason” by Jameson Cigar Co (First Impressions)

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Declaration “The Reason” by Jameson Cigar Co (First Impressions)

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In my First Impressions Review of the Casa Gomez Maduro, I made mention that Brian, Jerry, and I paid a visit to Loren Gomez, Benny Gomez, and Brad Mayo during IPCPR. While there we collected the Jameson Cigar Company contribution to the Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour Press Kit.

Having smoked the Declaration in the past, I was curious what the new larger ring gauge would offer to the blend. Knowing that it would be relatively mild, I smoked it as a first cigar of the day, paired with a cup of coffee.

The video below runs roughly five-minutes and outlines my first impression of the Declaration “The Reason”. Please keep in mind that this review is based on a single sample obtained at IPCPR. Storage conditions at the trade show were less than ideal and may result in my experience being wildly different than one based on a store-bought sample.

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4 thoughts on “Declaration “The Reason” by Jameson Cigar Co (First Impressions)

  1. Nice look at that stick. I was very interested in this one as I liked the few Declarations I have smoked. I still look forward to giving it a try and I hope it was just your sample that has the airy feeling to it. Although with my mild-med profile, I may like it *shrugs*

  2. My favorite size is a Churchill. It gives me a nice evolution of flavors i don’t get as much with a robusto, corona, or even a toro. Though, like you said, I don’t have the time for a Churchill every day. Life isn’t fair i guess. Anyway, I’ve heard good things about the Declaration. I hope to try them, but they’re pretty hard to get your hands on. Thanks for the quick review Walt. It’s better a quick review then no review at all.

  3. Hi Walt, just wanted to say that I have been really enjoying these short videos and I totally understand how you free time is a little bit restricted since the arrival of your daughter but I must confess that I really miss the old 30 minute plus Walt reviews…Anyway, I have been away for a while so just catching up with all the posts I have missed. Also I have to say how impressed I was reading some of your latest posts on Walt in pa, especially your ‘Memoirs of an Assassin’ serial. Leaps and bounds man, well done.

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