A Look at CigarPhoto.net

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A Look at CigarPhoto.net

A few weeks ago, I new post popped up on the Stogie Review Fan Forum gaging interest in a photography driven cigar blog. The feedback was positive and our friend, Jay, set the wheels in motion to get the blog underway. A short time later I received a message fro Jay asking if we would be kind enough to post something about the site when it was ready for the public eye. We were happy to accomodate him.

CigarPhoto - 2

The About Page on CigarPhoto.net:

There are many quality cigar blogs in the WWW universe. Some provide great educational experience, some walk their audience through cigar aficionado’s daily smoking peaks & valleys, and some concentrate on descriptive and wordy stogie & libation reviews. My goal is not to become another statistic but rather deliver something that is slightly different and in some ways, unique. The birth of cigarphoto.net is not to introduce competition but instead, foster collaboration. I foresee cigarphoto.net pulling links from other blogs to supplement my photography and in exchange, interested bloggers can point to cigarphoto.net to supplement their rich reviews with my art work.

To read more about Jay and his newly launched blog,
check out CigarPhoto.net

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9 thoughts on “A Look at CigarPhoto.net

  1. Walt & SRFF,
    Thanks for this post. Traffic has been amazing and largerly due to this write-up. Feedback has been great and I look forward to continue to provide quality content. The power of Social Media is amazing nowadays.

    To above contributors, your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks !

  2. Just reviewed the new website – very cool! Added several comments, especially since you seem to have all of Tatuaje’s Monster Series in their presentation boxes, plus a box of Behike’s! I’m jealous!

  3. Very nice website! I love the photos (great work on the photography) and it is much more interesting than the repeated sites with much reading…

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