Buckhead Cigar Club – A Humidor Tour

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Buckhead Cigar Club – A Humidor Tour

We’ve posted reviews of cigar shops from across the country before. We’ve even reviewed Buckhead Cigar Club and thrown in some great still shots of the shop. Buckhead Cigar Club is the home shop of our own Brian “Mouth of the South” Hewitt and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Buckhead on a few recent trips to Atlanta.

On my most recent trip I thought it would be cool to show you the humidor at Buckhead Cigar Club. The impeccably stocked humidor and relaxing chairs are an added bonus to the enjoyable atmosphere, dedicated service and Southern hospitality that Mike, Boram, Toma and Roland provide. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, Buckhead Cigar Club is a must stop for any cigar enthusiast. Enjoy the clip (1:35 – recorded on iPhone 4 using 8mm app).

Contact Info
Buckhead Cigar Club
3400 Around Lenox Drive
Suite 304
Atlanta GA 30326
(404) 844-0400


11 thoughts on “Buckhead Cigar Club – A Humidor Tour

  1. Now I know why I can’t find any Liga’s around Atlanta! Sheesh! Nice high-quality selection, it’s not the square footage, it’s what you put in it that counts.

    How about a weekly feature on B&M’s? I’m sure they would appreciate the attention.

  2. Buckhead Cigars is the best place in Atlanta to buy and enjoy cigars bar none. If ever in Atlanta this shop is well worth a visit.

  3. As Zion698 said, Buckhead Cigars is the best place in Hotlanta to buy and enjoy cigars…end of story. Those guys rock.

  4. These little features you’ve been doing are fantastic, Jerry, but I sure do miss your regular reviews. Keep up the good work!

  5. i wondered why the film was soo grainy an not in hd but now i know thanks to jay. the humidor is superb loved the walk through still would love to see in in hd though, but thats just the tv feature geek in me i guess lol. great job though an love the drew estates corner. i am with Tadd up there this is definatly worth a roadtrip up only 5hrs away from tupelo ms.

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