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Padilla Cigars event at Genuine Tobacco with Susana Aragon

Hello everyone and welcome to another event coverage post. This time Genuine Tobacco had Padilla Cigars brand ambassador Susana Aragon in the house along with Mike the Oliva rep. As most of you should know by now Ernesto Padilla has made a huge change from last year when he discontinued all of his old lines […]


Padilla Premier Cru Press Release and Invictus Prototype

Today Ernesto Padilla shared with us some pictures and information about his upcoming releases, the European exclusive Premier Cru and the domestically available Padilla Reserva. May 30, 2012 Padilla Cigar Company is proud to announce yet another collaboration with Oliva Cigar Company following the recently 93 rated Padilla Studio-Tobac Limited Edition. Since the inception of […]


Padilla Studio Tobac Special Edition Figurado

I’ve been saying it for a while: If you’ve gotta make a 6 x 60, make it in a shape that’s comfortable to smoke. Say for example, a flattened box press, or in the case of the Padilla Studio Tobac Special Edition Figurado collaboration, a girthy figurado. Heck, I’d even try a cigar with the […]

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