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Prometheus Retro Lighter

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Back in August, Brian, Jerry, and I were fortunate enough to attend IPCPR. While doing press coverage, we stopped over at the Prometheus Booth and were given a product tour by Keith Park. Like years past, the booth was a beautiful display of accessories and cigars, many of which I would have loved to take home with me.

The one stand out item this year was the Prometheus Retro Lighter. From the moment I saw Keith activate the torch flame, I knew I wanted one. We talked a bit about getting our hands on one to review after the show but it slipped our minds. Keith and I got to talking recently about some products to give away when the Retro Lighter came to mind and I shamelessly asked for one. Keith was happy to provide one for review as well as a couple of other items as contest prizes.

Hands down, the best thing about this lighter is the cool factor. I can’t get enough of the flint activation and find myself reaching for it just to see it ignite. The slim design is also a nice perk in that it takes up very little pocket real estate. Much like other Prometheus products (most notably, the Prometheus Cutter Y), this product has a glossy surface that is a fingerprint and dust magnet.

Because I was afraid of scratching it, I avoided tossing the lighter into my pants pocket along with my car keys and loose change. I’m unsure if there is some sort of sheath available to protect it, so I opted to leave it on a table next to my ashtray rather than tote it around with me. Even relegated to the table, it has seen a fair amount of use and has worked without issue (The ignitor getting stuck in the video seems to be a fluke and has not happened since).

Even having a slim design, the fuel tank seems to hold enough fluid to lighter a good number of cigars (I never did keep track but it was in excess of a dozen). The single flame is thin and feels very accurate, making quick work of small ring gauge cigars. Larger sticks require a bit more time, and as a result, the case gets a bit hot. The reason for this seems to be how low the single jet is placed within the case.

With a price point of roughly $75.00, this lighter is not inexpensive, but I love it. The cool factor has me reaching for it every time I light up while in my office. If there were a protective case available, I would take this lighter everywhere I went.


Like I mentioned earlier in this article, Keith Park was nice enough to send along a couple of prizes for us to give away on Stogie Review. The first of those prizes is a Angelenos Sampler (As seen in the video) which includes four Angelenos Cigars and an Angelenos Table Torch. To win, head to the comment section and tell us about your favorite lighter.

Contest is open until April 1, 2011. One entry per person. If you are a member of the Stogie Review Fan Forum, please include your username and you will receive two entries. A winner will be selected at random.

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150 thoughts on “Prometheus Retro Lighter

  1. My favorite lighter would have to be a cheap soldering torch I picked up at fry’s for $10. It has a large, clear fuel tank. I’m never left unexpectedly without fire. I used to use the Ronson jet light and Evertorch duping knockoff. It they always seemed to rub out of fuel when I need it the most.

    – @NickWiegand. Aka 858 Nick

    1. I have a soldering torch that I use up north. I got it at the HD. THe only reason it is my favorite is because if I am using it, that means Im up North

  2. walt i think the lighter the lighter at the end you were talking about was the djeep… my favorite lighter would be my firebird torch,which has been threw hell and back

  3. That is a very sweet looking lighter.
    My favorite lighter is my dads old Zippo. Just because it was his. However I never use it. I use my Xikar IIncline.

  4. My favorite lighter is the Thundra Table lighter. It is an absolute tank and in a pinch can be used as a home defense weapon!

  5. My favorite lighter is the Cigar Savor EO1 single flame torch. It’s nice and simple. When I go to light a cigar, I generally hold it horizontally and then toast the foot. With the EO1, it fits comfortably in my hand without having to move my thumb in order to spark the lighter. Just being able to “squeeze” the entire lighter makes for a more natural grip.

  6. My favorite lighter would be a wooden match, because of the lower temperature flame of a match I have always preferred it to a lighter. But lighting up outside with only a slight breeze is already a pain in the a@#!

  7. A Xicar travels in my pocket whenever I leave the house. However, my favorite back porch, cicadas chirping, cerveca sipping, long week ending cigar lighter has to be my brulee’ torch.

    It evenly ignites the end of any cigar as well as caramelizing sugar on top of various food items. The hiss of butane, followed closely by the burst of flame always makes me think of my two favorites: cooking and smoking.

  8. I enjoyed the video! With that said, my favorite lighter is one I picked up at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. It’s a Ronson Jet (butane) that I paid under $5. I dropped it in my back yard and found it a year later. (Rain,snow,sleet, and any other crap weather you can think of.) I looks like HE(insert 2 L’s here), but still works.

  9. My favorite lighter is an old school dunhill my dad gave me. It’s gold, so like you I tend to leave it at home, afraid to get it scuffed in my pocket with keys and change.The lighter I use more regularly is a gas station torch lighter thats refillable. I love that thing. It is very reliable and I can toss it around without worrying at all. As for a sheath for your lighter, I noticed that it appears quite similar in size to a 3rd gen ipod IIRC. You can get a case for that and probably slip it in.

  10. I have a triple torch lighter which has a built-in punch at the bottom. It was part if a three-pack lighter deal that I picked up online for about 20% of what the Prometheus costs. A cbeapie, but it does the job fairly well.

  11. My favorite lighter was a Nibo wave with 2 flames. It worked wonderfully until it started to sputter a bit and, as a result of my tinkering I believe, stopped working. It was sad but I don’t blame the lighter as much as I blame my impatience. I gave it to a friend at a smoke shop to see if he could repair it and I never saw it again…

  12. My favorite lighter is my La Gloriana Cubana General Cigar lighter. It is white with the old La Gloriana Cubana logo on it. It is not a torch so i enjoy a slower foot toast than when i use my torch lighters. The greatest thing about this cigar is the hidden fill tank that is located under a secure cap that is flush with the bottom. I also like the flame adjustment which is in the same fashion

  13. Nibo Space 6 Triple Flame I picked up six mos ago. So far its been good. Little low on capacity but can light a log with that thing.

  14. This lighter is definitely cool looking – Though I agree I would be reluctant to toss it in my pocket. I typically carry a XIkar Enigma – I prefer the dual flame and the design is the perfect balance for me: size, weight, fuel reserve, etc. My other lighter is an Old Boy pipe lighter which I just love – even smaller, with a lot of fuel reserve & is just has a super cool factor about it. Thanks for the review, but I think for my next lighter, I might go with another Xikar product, perhaps a higher-end dual-flame.

  15. The Xikar Trezo is my lighter of choice – never fails and has plenty of power for use outdoors in the elements.

  16. Forum Name czerbe

    The only cigar lighter I have ever had is a colibri single flame. I loved it and it worked great for me for years. But now sadly it has died and moved on to Torch heaven never to be sparked again. Now I’m using strike on side wooden matches. I hang my head in shame!!!

  17. My favorite lighter is an old Colibri that is beat up and worn. Its tempromental, and burns gas at an alarming rate. Why I even like it is a mystery to me.

  18. Nice looking lighter. My favorite are Ronson Jet disposables, I don’t have to worry if I leave one somewhere.

  19. My trusty lighter would be the blazer little buddy. I love the clear fuel tank so I can see how much fuel in left and although it is not a windproof lighter technically, it holds it’s flame no matter what the wind is like. A definate reliable lighter.

  20. I have Xikars and a few other popular ones. not great for cigars but my 30 year old zippo never lets me down

  21. Currently, my favorite lighter is the Vector Thundra Table Lighter, with 3 flames. It’s solid and takes any butane I’ve tossed in it without complaint or failure. This Prometheus Retro lighter is quite cool and will become my portable lighter as soon as I find a local retailer.

  22. My favorite is an old, gold-plated Colibri lighter that belonged to my sister back in the 80’s. It’s not the best cigar lighter in the world, but every time I use it, I remember all the great times we had growing up in NW Indiana. Thanks for the fun contest!

  23. My favorite lighter is one that I won from Cigar back in 09. It was a Blazer Optimus Cigar Torch Lighter and Guillotine Cutter its still going like a champ. And my Forum name is Cigar2.

  24. My favorite lighter is a classic ronson jet lite. ive been filling with ronson butane for at least a year and a half, and lit at least 4 cigars a week since and always performed great.

  25. My favorite lighter is the S.T. Dupont Maxijet / X-Tend Torch Flame Lighter. I love this lighter so much because of the side button witch means that your finger aren’t right next to the flame.

  26. My favorite so far has to be the Perdomo Thundra. Holds a ton of fuel and it was cheap. I think i paid 15.00 on a Jam day.

    Same forum name

  27. My favorite lighter is this cheap torch that I bought in Key West about 4 years ago. Cost me $15.00 and works every time.

    Joseph aka mango2kw on SR & twitter

  28. My favorite lighter is a freebie I recieved from CI with a sample purchase. It has yet to fail me and I have used it alot in the last 9 months.

  29. My favorite lighter is an old zippo case I have with a gamecock (university of sc my Alma mater) entered on the side. I took out the normal zippo flint insert and replaced it with a zplus butane torch insert for lighting cigars. It’s not the best quality but works great outdoors and I really like the case. It’s my tradition to use it whenever I am smoking and the gamecocks are playing. Anyways I like it so there you go! I also like all xikar products!

  30. my favorite lighter is also a torch from Lowes it seems to always work, even when i left it out by the pool and the dog chewed on it


  31. My go to lighter is a robinson butane soldering torch. I actually picked it up to do some soldering and one thing led to another, now it never leaves the coffee table. I’m also a big fan of the xikar enigma. Even though it’s in the lower-mid price range for xikar it has never let me down.

  32. My favorite lighter is, as has been mentioned by others, is a Wally world cheap-o. Seems I tend to obtain nice cutters but never owned a nice lighter. Thanks for.the contest and good luck to everyone!!

  33. My favorite lighter is the only one I have ever had (4 years) and might be the same model Colibri as mentioned by “OlivaSerieV” above. Its beat up, can’t even see the word Colibri on it anymore and, yes, it burns butane very quickly. But, it’s the only one I have and still use.

  34. My favorite lighter is a Ronson bought from walmart with a refilling can for 5$ :):) none of the others i had lasted as long as that cheap one .

  35. I have to say that my favorite lighter is the Xikar Executive. I’ve had it for two years and the thing it’s indestructible, it used to be blue (no paint left). The thing is always in my pocket and never fails.

    SR Forum/Twitter

  36. Great looking lighter for sure!! Right now my favorite lighter is a Xikar Exodus, but it is a indoor lighter only pretty much. Wind doesn’t put the flame out but still hard to use a soft flame to light a cigar in the wind.

  37. fan forum-aqzzqazqqza1…my fav lighter is 9 dollar hardware store soldering pocket torch it has a huge reservoir and looks like a knockoff of the pb207

  38. Mannnnn…. that is James Bond cool…. My favorite lighter is my three dollar torch that becomes disposable after 4-5 months….. I wish I had somehting nice to light my smokes with….

  39. Thanks for another contest!
    My favorite lighter for the past few years is a Blazer PB207 –
    lights every time with no problems. I’m always afraid I’ll lose
    it when I’m out, though, so I travel with a cheap Ronson JetLite
    or a good ol’ Bic lighter.

  40. My favorite lighter is a soler-it I bought at Home Depot….converts a standard butane (bic) into a jet..Its big and yellow and doen’t lose easily

  41. my fav lighter is one that I picked up from JR Cigars probably 7 yrs ago now- it has taken a serious beating- but still works like a champ- I had a much more expensive lighter that was made by colibri and the pos kept breaking- so back to the lighter that started out black- but now almost all of the paint has worn off of it

  42. SRFF nick – jerseyjay

    I have few lighters. My favorite was tripple torch lotus but I have moved on to LOTUS single torch.

    Lighter you were referring to is ‘RONSON.’ Some call it Crack Lighter 🙂 I guess folks use it for other things LOL !

  43. Bought a Prince pocket torch for $7 about three years ago.Looks like a Blazer but cheaper and it has a clear tank.Never lets me down!

  44. My current Favorite lighter is the Bugatti B-1. As I prefer a single flame, this lighter also has a good size and feel and weight to it. I also like the built-in cigar punch (two sizes). I also found the Victor Knight lighter which I think is identical. I take the Victor Knight to friends, backpacking and fishing, since its cheap and dont have to worry about scratching it or losing it.

  45. My most reliable lighter is a engraved Zippo lighter from my Navy days where I replaced the guts with a butane insert. I also have a Lotus squeeze lighter that I really like as well.

    Forum name: mudboy

  46. I don’t know what brand my favorite lighter is – there’s no name anywhere on it. Picked it up for about $10.00 a few years ago. It’s a flame/torch combo, stainless steel, very reliable.

  47. I’ve always been a fan of visol brand lighters. They range anywhere from $10-$75 and have good reliability. I paid $12 with shipping for mine and its served me well for over a year. I do have my eye on one of the xikar lighters though!

  48. Blazer little buddy.
    Always works
    From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the snowy Mountains of New England it has always worked. Over 300 cigars lit with the little buddy. Still going strong.

  49. I sent away on ebay, to china, for a cheap table top lighter, and for 10 dollars, it has worked flawlessly for several years. The massive size can also double as a door breacher.

  50. My favorite lighter is a zippo. Not because I like the initial flavor of lighter fluid but because it’s so reliable. I’ve got a drawer full of butane lighters that stopped working after a few months. The nozzles get carbonized so fast they become useless.

  51. My favorite, and only lighter, would be the Bugatti.. punches and lights stuff on fire… what more do you need!

  52. My go to lighter is a Ronson. It’s cheap, but all I have the cash for as a grad student. I have been begging the Mrs. for a nice lighter for my birthday, but I don’t think there will be one wrapped up.

  53. Docbp87 on the forum. I use my XiKar EX soft flame lighter basically on a daily basis. Looks great, feels great in the hand, and is a windproof soft flame, which is awesome.

  54. I love the Prometheus” God of Fire” lighter. I have dropped Prometheus twice. They still are working good. Is my personal usage to light my cigars at home. I used The Xikar Nautilus Single Flame Lighter to light up the cigars at work. I would love to have the Prometheus Retro Lighter to see the sparkle flint to light the flame that It’s a cool lighter. My cigars life style would not be good without them.

  55. My Dupont Xtend I’ve had for almost 10 years I loved, yet it crap out and I believe I’ll have to send it in for repair.
    Purging and blowing it did not work.

  56. Wow I guess everybody wants that lighter pack 70+ comments!

    Best lighter ever was my Lotus combo lighter that I lost a few years ago. It had both a regular flame that shot out the side and a torch on the top. It lasted really long, had a great cool factor with the black and matte silver color scheme and really good size factor probably only a little thicker than this one

  57. My current lighter and so far favorite is a matte black ST Dupont Maxijet that my girlfriend got for me. Even though it is only a single flame it gets very hot, and ignites first time, so far every time.

  58. LAst year for my birthday I got me a Xikar Ultra combo; the cutter is great and the lighter has yet to fail me; they are with me all the time; love them!

  59. Hope I still have a chance:)

    My vote goest to the Blazer Little Buddy which I have owned for over a year. Having the ability to lock the flame on is just awesome when you’re lighting a fat cigar. Secondly, it’s been extremely reliable. Thirdly, it’s got a massive fuel tank and last it just looks industrial.

  60. My favorite lighter would have to be my Xikar Eris. Nice slim lighter but lasts me almost a week on fuel.

  61. Thanks for the review.

    I love my Dupont Tatuaje lighter, but only use around the house. I love it’s form factor and ease to use. I want to get a Lamborghini Forza lighter. The push button on feature is very cool. Trying to find the lime green one.

  62. For the price nothing beats the Ronson Jetlite. Picked it up at Wal-Mart for two bucks and have used it for a month. It also works as a great marshmallow torch in a pinch 😉

  63. My favourite lighter is a simple Wolf Fuegeo. I have been using this torch lighter for many years and the only thing I have had to do is refill the lighter, what more could you ask from a lighter.

  64. My favorite lighter is a Zippo with Z-plus insert. The lighter has a black widow spider on the front with a red flame in the middle. This lighter has never failed on me and the insert holds alot of butane. I’ve used it so much that the black lacquer on the front of the lighter is completely gone.

  65. I’m a match guy. I’ve tried 2 ronson jet lites and 5 or 6 other torches and lighters and have run into all kinds of problems (hands on fire, inconsistent lighting, no lighting etc etc) I’d love to have a lighter that works, but I haven’t found one. Maybe this one will be the one for me, but until then I’ve been enjoying the matches.

  66. Nice review and a very cool looking lighter! Being St. Pat’s day I thought it appropriate to describe my favorite lighter: it’s a Guinness single flame by Quantum. It’s shaped like a fresh pint o Guinness and you flip the frosty head to light your favorite cigar and expose the green clover at the base of the flame. Makes me thirsty (and wanting a cigar) just typing about it!

  67. Dunhill Rollagas, pretty much the same reasons as the Prometheus Retro. The flint soft flame is great for lighting cigars. The flame on the lighter goes from .5 inch to enough to set you on completely on fire. Elegant design and great functionality. The gas and flints are not terribly expensive either ($2.50 for 9 flints and $7 a can for butane). This ones got me sold on soft flame lighters.

  68. My favorite one is my Xikar Genesis torch. It is not expensive but looks nice and has a strong flame.

  69. My favorite lighter is the Xikar EXII in Carbon Fiber. It looks really cool, is windproof (but not a torch) and provides a good light for my Cigars. The only down side is that, since it is not a torch, it is not very effective on a beach. Nonetheless, it is my favorite. Thanks for a great review on the Promethus Retro. -Angelo

  70. Very cool of Prometheus to provide the contests for this site. By far my current favorite lighter is my Blazer PB207 carry lighter. I have a creme brulee torch for use at home but when I am on the go the little Blazer is fantastic. Precise flame control and the butane seems to last an eternity.

    P.S. SR fan forum user name is HomeBrewer

  71. I’ve been happy with all the Xikar lighters I’ve had but currently my favorite is the Xikar Ellipse triple flame.

  72. My favorite lighter is the one that lights…on the first try! I have several brands; Colibri, Nibo, Prometheus, Microtorch, Wolf, BIC, Zippo, etc. with single, dual and triple torches as well as dual flame! And, matches as back up!

  73. My favorite table top lighter is the Burner by Alec Bradley. It’s great looking, I like the soft flame and it makes a nice conversation piece.
    I have a Tiger dual flame torch that I carry around and it has treated me well over the years.

      1. Thanks again Walt and all the guys at SR. Not only for the best reviews but the best contests too!
        (You’re right Walt; it definitely has the “cool factor”!)
        YOU GUYS ROCK!

  74. My favorite lighter is a cheap blazer knock-off I bought from a chinese website. Despite being the low price it’s been reliable. Plus, it holds a lot of fuel so I only have to think about refilling it every few months

  75. I’ve been using a Diesel Triple Torch that I got online. It has a precise and strong torch, and still is small enough to fit in my pocket without overpowering my pants!

  76. My favorite lighter is the one I’m looking at right now….it’s an unbranded torch lighter – a bartender here in Moscow gave it to me, told me to keep it….strangely enough it’s silver, with a little silver heart above a gold etched image of the World Trade Center buildings with a rising sun radiant behind the twin towers….very reliable, love it!

  77. I would have to say (after many attempts at trying to find one that my friends could not manage to break while using it) my current favorite lighter is my Perdomo “tabletop” triple flame lighter.

  78. My favorite lighter is the z plus insert for the zippo lighter. I love everything about the original zippo, and wanted to use it for my cigar smoking, and with the z plus insert I’m able to do so. I do miss the flint light on the original insert (and zippo blu), but still love the z plus. It’s a sturdy and accurate single flame, and is very reliable when paired with a good triple or more refined butane. And another cool thing is the ability to interchange the insert with all my zippo casings and use all my zippos for cigar smoking. Maybe I’ll also give the zippo blu a try in the future.

  79. My favorite lighter has been a CI brand butane that has a rubber coating, it feels durable and has a spring release cap, as well as a fuel gauge and mirror on the inside of the cap.

  80. My favorite lighter is one that I don’t even know the name of. I bought it in a tinderbox in NY 3 years ago and it has never failed to light (as long as it had butane)! It looks like the coleman but it was made before the coleman came out.

  81. My favorite lighter is a cheapy tripple flame torch from a gas station. I have other, more expensive lighters but this one has great fuel capacity, lights evenly, never gives out on me, and is always in my pocket. Its funny that I had spent so much money on quality lighters and the most dependable one I have cost 8.99.

  82. My favorite lighter is the Xikar Executive Lighter. Its not the one I own, but my dad has that one and I like it more than my lighter. I own the Xikar Incline Lighter.

  83. My favorite lighter is a Monticristo lighter, the weight and feel in your hand you know that’s a real lighter you are holding. And the little “ping” you get when you open it up is a nice little touch and it always turn heads!

  84. My favorite lighter ever was the Xino Platinum lighter. It had a strong single flame burner. My best friend gave it to me for christmas. Unfortunately I left it in the office with my other cigar effects and somebody decided it should become theirs. I miss it but can’t bring myself to spend the hefty price tag to buy another……..

  85. My favorite lighter is my Vector Mahogany Coup. It’s perfect to slip in my pocket and forget about it. It never gets hot and holds more fluid than one would think for its size.

  86. Me Favorite has to be an old beat up Zippo from WW II that I found on the beach near Pearl Harbor

  87. Anyone who’s ever had an old flint lighter has experienced that annoying “catch”, where you just abour rip the skin off your thumb trying to turn the wheel! I can’t say that I have a favorite lighter, but the most memorable one was a Zippo knockoff that our neighbor, a “civilian advisor” (wink, wink), brought back from Vietnam in the late ’60’s, that had a map of Vietnam etched into the case. Although I wasn’t into cigars much back then, I did light many a cigarette with it. Can’t remember what ever became of it , though, as well as every expensive lighter I’ve lost along the way.

  88. Favorite, bic, thats right a cheap, ordinary bic lighter. They last forever, don’t care if a loose it, damage it, or my buddies take it.

  89. I have 2 Xikars (Slim and Executive), a Bugatti, a cheapo Ronson, and 4 flame torch tabletop lighter. My favorite is the bugatti. Its got a great flame, an awesome weighty hand feel, and a slim profile. Plus, even though it isn’t all that important, it makes a great “CLICK” when you depress the trigger and the torch sounds loud. It retails for like 50 bucks but I got it as a toss in on a large cigar order. Plus it has a pull out punch. Love this lighter. I feel like Jay-Z I’m so p-i-m-p

  90. I seem to be well on my way to becoming a lighter hoarder (another word comes to mind that sounds almost the same but I won’t used in public company!). Since I travel a ton, I need dependable flame lighters. My old Colibri Wellington fills that bill well. I also have lighters from Xikar (good single torchers and an Enigma wind-proof soft flame for the golf course, and they honor their warranty well!), Vector (a great table lighter), Rockey Patel (the best dual flame ever!), a great Lotus ligher with both a soft and torch flame (maybe the perfect ligher), a Colibri soft flame with electronic touch ignition, some cheapo freebies, two from Eternity, a pen lighter from Cuba, etc., etc. Were I in the market for another one, I would consider this.

  91. use an xikar that has held up a little over a year…best lighter I’ve owned to date.

    forum name: FCUBUCK

  92. @jessbayne

    I’ve been using a Rocky Patel triple flame “executive” for two years. It comes with a nifty case and is reliable and inexpensive. I’ve dropped it numerous times and it is rather resistant to dents and scratches. Great lighter!


    Thanks guys!

  93. I have a Xikar Executive that I prefer. Single flame, so less fuel burning and the trigger is opposite the flame so no worries about burning. The shiny gunmetal is so cool, but I wish I had a cheaper one to carry around for fear of scratching.

  94. I have a Lotus triple flame which has never failed me.
    every Cohiba or Xikar i’ve had has broken at some point in time, but the lotus has just always worked.

  95. I have a heavy duty Colibri that weighs as much as a boat anchor. The nice thing about it that if my pocket feels a little light when I am at a family function, I go looking for my cigar smoking brother in law as he always forgets his lighter.

  96. For years my favorite light was either a match or a bic. Though just recently I gave in to desire and bought a Xikar ellipse and I must say that I love that lighter.

  97. My favorite lighter is a cheapo $5 single flame butane. Don’t even know the name. It has a big reservoir that you can see. A full tank lasts a few weeks, which is nice. And it has a strong accurate flame, perfect for exact touch ups. It’s made in China. That’s about all I know about it.

  98. my go to lighter is the XIKAR element gun metal lighter. always reliable and has a gauge on it to tell me when i’m running low on butane

  99. A nice set of matches is usually my choice, classic, simple, and relaxing, just like I would like to feel when I light up.

  100. To be honest, when my old cigar light wouldn’t hold fluid any more, I just switched to a plain butane. That said, my favorite cigar lighter is still either cedar strips (when I can, which isn’t too often), or the triple flame “blow torch”-styled lighter at my local B&M!

  101. 3 favorites: in my jeans a blue DuPont Xtend, at home the Blazer Micro Torch and when going on a trip and when involving those lovely TSA folks a mini Bic disposable.

  102. My favorite lighter is a Vector Vulcan triple flame. Got in on an auction website for cheap. So far so good. Love that triple flame!

  103. I’m new to the cigar world, so unfortunately I don’t have a favorite yet. At this point I’m only using matches until I find a good lighter (or maybe win one 😉 )

  104. My favorite lighter is the Perdomo table lighter by Vector. It is a triple torch with a gallon size full cell. Okay I exaggerated. But the large full tank is why it is my favorite. That and because it is sturdy.

  105. Easliy my Xikar Element. Fits perfectly in my hand, like the double torch and attached punch cutter which comes in handly in a pinch

  106. My favorite is a butane torch I picked up at Cascade in Portland. It wasn’t fancy costing around $15 I believe but it is attractive with chrome case and round glass/plastic cutouts on each side so you can see the fluid levels. It puts out a low intensity flame that doesn’t really flavor the pipe or cigar I use it on.

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