Cigarfest 2011: Man O War Event

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Cigarfest 2011: Man O War Event

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On Friday, Mike and I took a ride over to Split Rock to check out the Man O War Event. Over the past couple of years, Cigarfest has kicked off with a Man O War event on the day before the main attraction. Aside from plenty of items for sale, the event comes with free beer (while supplies last) and a smoke friendly environment to hang out with friends.

Like in years past, Mike and I used this event as a meet up with a couple of friends (We primarily hung out with the Michigan Crew). Unfortunately, the event space was smaller than last year and the crowd volume was the same. This resulted in a tightly packed environment that became rather smokey in short order. After taking a few horrible pictures, I tracked down a member of the staff and got the green light to go up into the Drew Estates booth to film the crowd from above.

The video is rather short. The first portion was taken with my Droid X held over my head. The second part of the video was take with my camcorder. Once we were finished getting all the coverage we could, we skipped out of the event after two and a half hours. While we would have liked to stay longer, the event was no longer comfortable and getting bumped into constantly was rather annoying.

The event itself was lively and fun. Had the space been bigger (We were told more venders were occupying the show floor this year, making the Man O War space smaller), I think I would have had a blast.

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