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My Father Cigars

In my Sneak Peek: My Father Cigars video I showed you two wrappers of the new Jaime Garcia Limited Edition 2011. That video wasn’t entirely true and if I read the Press Release that Jose Ortega had sent me I would’ve been able to explain it more accurately in that video. Don’t worry, what better way to get information than from the source. Jose Ortega takes a few minutes to show Brian Hewitt all the new offerings from My Father Cigars as well as details on the Jaime Garcia Limited Edition 2011. Jose also confirms the current status of the Series JJ “Little Robusto” Project.

NOTE: – Lighting was a bit spotty around the Convention Center floor as is apparent in the first portion of the video. The lighting of the cabinet seemed to have overwhelmed the white balance I was using and I just didn’t want to mess with it too much since the settings were working in most areas. Don’t worry, it clears up as we move along.


10 thoughts on “My Father Cigars

  1. Great interview and not only can I love My Father cigars for taste and quality but for the JJ Little Robusto!!! What a great family!

  2. About Connecticut wrapper cigar included with Jaime’s Ltd 15 pack, doesn’t that compete with Pete’s already established line? I remember him saying (in one of your interviews) he wouldn’t stand for anything like that in the same factory. What do you guys think?

  3. Great video with some interesting info but I have to say the “Little Robusto” project shows a company with real class and heart.
    Congratulations and well done gentlemen!

  4. Kudos to My Father Cigars for doing the JJ “Little Robusto.” That is just pure class, and makes me proud to be a fan of both Stogie Review and MF.

    And I must say, that new Jaime LE sounds amazing! Pelo de Oro with a CBL wrapper … mmm, that’s not gonna suck, lol! I just smoked my first Tat La Verite 2009 today, and that Pelo de Oro is the stuff for sure.

  5. Looking forward to trying that LE. And what a class act with the “Little Robusto”, can’t wait to try it.

  6. Maurice, just wanted to chime in to clear up any confusion. I was talking about an all Conn. Broadleaf cigar. Jaime’s is a blend of Nica tobacco with a Conn.Ecuador wrapper. Every company in the factory has a cigar like this. Pretty normal. An all Conn. Broadleaf cigar is a different animal. Thanks for looking out though.

  7. Pete, thanks for your response. Of course I should have thought of that. BTW I ordered the USA puros (5-pack of each size) I am looking forward to getting them next week.

  8. Hey Maurice, Glad you saw my post. I hope you like the La Casita Criolla…It’s an odd cigar that is not for every person….If you like the flavor of broadleaf, you should enjoy it…It’s a dirty cigar with a nice sweetness.
    Thanks again,

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