Jamming with Jameson Cigars

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Jamming with Jameson Cigars

We have a special relationship with our friend Brad Mayo of Jameson Cigars. His first IPCPR was also our first IPCPR and like every year, we take a few minutes to get together and see what is new and what he is working on. Brad is one of my favorite people to hangout with at the show. He has a young family like many of us and we can relate on so many levels.


3 thoughts on “Jamming with Jameson Cigars

  1. HaHa “We’ll let you make some sales, cause it looks like you need too!”
    kidding, I understand there were people waiting, but at first it caught me off guard.

    Great work guys. I’ve enjoyed the 2 days of coverage and you all have really brought the show home to us.

    Enjoy the rest and safe travels!

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