IPCPR 2011: Day 4 Digest

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IPCPR 2011: Day 4 Digest

Welcome once again to a roundup of posted items for Day 4 of IPCPR coverage here at StogieReview.com. Today we had a bunch of video segments for your viewing pleasure and some last photos from Brian as he was heading home.

Twitter Pictures from Brian Hewitt

Fuente Lancero and drink.jpg
a @casafuentelv lancero and a “casa mojito”

601 napalm.jpg
@eddieor ‘s new 601 napalm.

kobe burger.jpg
Time for some Kobe beef burger action and some big ass onion rings. – Glad to see Brian is roughing it 😉

casa fuente lv.jpg
If you were sitting where I am, @casafuentelv would look a little like this.

Leon Jimenes Prestige.jpg
The @laauroracigars leon jimenes prestige.

Java Mint.jpg
Here’s a picture of the Java Mint.

vegas skyline.jpg
Vegas, what a view!

Video Interviews:
I am just me.

2 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011: Day 4 Digest

    1. I think I left out part of the name, it should have been the “601 La Bomba Napalm”. It’s a potent new stick from 601, that I think Jerry mentioned in one of his Weeks in Smoke. However, I’m not clear if this is the same size as the one he burned.

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