Ask The Readers: What is the best 6×60 Cigar?

Stogie Talk30 Comments on Ask The Readers: What is the best 6×60 Cigar?

Ask The Readers: What is the best 6×60 Cigar?

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This morning I posted a status update on Facebook that sparked some interesting discussion. I wanted to expand on this discussion a bit and see what the Stogie Review community had to say on the matter.

Facebook Status Update
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The above Facebook Status Update prompted me run an impromptu Twitter Poll where I asked what everyones favorite 6.00 x 60 cigar was. There were a variety of answers and I would like you to add yours to our little running list of good large ring cigars.

From The Twitter Crowd:

What is the best cigar, in your opinion, in the 6.00 x 60 lineup?

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30 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: What is the best 6×60 Cigar?

  1. 6×60, huh? I almost never smoke them. I really prefer thinner ring gauges for most blends. Plus, I have problems with my temporal mandibular joint, so it it can get painful to smoke that large of a cigar.

    On occasion I’ll smoke one, but I’d say 99.9% of the time I go thinner. 54 max.

    My favorite is probably a tie between the Oliva Connecticut Wrapper Reserve and the Cain F.

    Two totally different cigars, but with the Oliva, it offers a creamier cigar with a little less sweetness and spice. It also has a much smokier/toastier aroma and flavor profile.

    The Cain F is basically the Cain F Nub with two more inches. Super well balanced, still full-bodied, but a little smoother and a little more refined. The flavor profile blends together well to create a completely different experince of the Cain F line.

    That all being said, it is only on super-rare occasions I’ll smoke that particular vitola.


    1. ps – I find most larger ring gauges tend to sort of “water down” a blend. The flavors almost always seem way to flat for my taste. I have never found a 6×60 that enhances the profile or adds to the strength.

  2. They require too much commitment, you need to smoke them with a very close friend. I do not have such friends so 6×60 sit in my box waiting for a full moon. The Black Bear and Cain F are okay but who has 2.5 hours. Maybe these would be good in jail.

  3. I’m not a big 60-ring love myself. They tend to be a bit watered=down to me in terms of flavor, and especially complexity. But when I do smoke a big fat 6×60, it’s usually a Tatuaje Gran Cojonu.

    The Cromagnon Mandible is only 5×60 I think, but that’s a fantastic cigar as well that I enjoy despite it’s girth.

  4. Although a cigar’s size is a matter of taste preference for most (ie a person prefers a certain blend in X size), for others like me – it’s a time based issue. If I’m at a nice outdoor restaurant and I got the time, I definitely go for the bigger ring gauge cigars.

    Right now, it’s for sure the EP Carrillo CoreLine Goloso. Spicy, sweet, just the right amount of pepper, gorgeous wrapper color, nice aroma and finally a strong holding ash that looks impressive.

  5. Like a few others here, I think the Cain F takes on a more flavorful profile with the 6 x 60. Another that I think takes on something specialmand lip-smacking good in a 6 x 60 that I haven’t seen mentioned here is the CAO Lx2 — the bigger rg seems to bring out more of the tangy Dominican flavor without losing the Nicaraguan spice and kick. Beyond that, though, I’m not a huge fan of that size vitola.

  6. The Man O’ War Ruination, Robusto No. 2 by AJ Fernandez is a nice cigar. The Padron #7000 Maduro is also a great cigar…….

  7. I thoroughly enjoy these monsters however, my problem is with time constraints. After the wife and kids left yesterday for back to school shopping (which will prompt me to file bankruptcy), I dove to the bottom of the humidor and there it was….The Camacho Corojo Diplomat 6×60 that I haven’t seen in a while. So, I poured myself a glass of Zaya 12 yr old rum and I had it. I barely remembered what this was like… very complex from peppercorns to leather to wood, cedar and a whole bunch of other stuff mixed in that was difficult to define. I had to remind myself that this is a true Cuban Corojo, and that I had to take it easy. Not something that I wanted to rush thru. 3 hrs and 40 mins later I was very satisfied and relaxed… ready to take on any shopping receipts that the wife brought home.

  8. I don’t have an opinion as to the best of this vitola, since I’ve never had one. The size is simply out of my comfort zone. Maybe if they would package them with a straw? 😉

  9. I’m not normally a 6×60 smoker, but I did get a box of the 6×60 Padron 64, because Why Not!. However, after smoking several sizes of the La Gloria Cubana Serie R, I find it works best in the 5 7/8×60 size…

  10. Normaly don’t prefer 60 rg but a good cigar is a good cigar. I particularly like the Diesel Shorty and the Rodrigo G6.

  11. I absolutely love 6×60’s. I look for cigars in that size all the time. The 6X60’s make me feel like a “big baller” when I smoke them. Two of my favorites are the Cain Daytona and the St. Luis Rey Series G.

  12. The greatest cigar in the world is the Tatuaje Gran Cojonu. This is 6.5 x 60, however. The greatest 6 x 60 cigar, ranking second place to the Tatuaje is the Undercrown Gordito by Drew Estates.

  13. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the commitment to a 6 x 60 cigar is not appreciating the value of a truly magnificent cigar. These are not cigarettes or utility cigars, which I admit that I smoke regularly, but a piece of the time honored enjoyment of time, quality and peace that only comes from truly taking a moment in time to enjoy the finer things in life. They are not to be rushed. Smoke them when you can.

  14. I won’t smoke anything with a smaller ring gauge than 60…my fav’s are
    -Oliva Connecticut Reserve Gordo
    -Partagas 1845 Gigante

  15. didn’t finish my last post…others I suggest
    -La Aroma de Cuba-Mi Amor Valentino
    -EP Carillo Nitidos Gordo
    -Alec Bradley Raices Cubana Gordo
    -Padron 7000
    And if you want to go even bigger:
    Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage the 665 or the massive 770.

  16. I have a big, fat mouth; I like big, fat cigars. Worked for a very good Cigar Store for a while (A Little Taste of Cuba, in New Hope PA, should you care), and had the opportunity to smoke a wide variety of top flight cigars of all sizes. I agree with those who pegged the Tatuaje Gran Cojonu as the best overall, but I’d like to recommend a slightly less perfect – and less expensive – stick; the Undercrown Gordito. While Undercrowns are not – quite – as good as Drew Estate’s Liga Privada cigars, they are a great value-for-money smoke for those who like that taste range.

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