Casa Fernandez Cuban Seed Corojo 2006

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Casa Fernandez Cuban Seed Corojo 2006

Casa Fernandez

In an effort to be more consistent, Ed and I barely made our August spot on The Stogie Review. But we made it damnit! A big challenge we’ve had lately is figuring out what to review. It is often over thought, and to be bluntly honest, Ed is a picky bastard who won’t just review any cigar.

So this month we went old school and just walked the shop. Within three minutes we randomly picked the Casa Fernandez Cuban Seed Corojo 2006. I can only describe the flavor profile as simple but complex. What I mean is that the flavors are common, but not presented to you in an easy fashion. They eventually reveal themselves, but only after you pay attention and maybe get a little frustrated in the process. Between takes, even Ed found himself stumped at pinning everything down. In the end, we picked it apart and show you all it has to offer.

This video runs a little long at 28 minutes. So sit back, light up a smoke and join us as we review the Casa Fernandez Cuban Seed Corojo 2006.


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4 thoughts on “Casa Fernandez Cuban Seed Corojo 2006

  1. A great review Tom and Ed, I was in St. Pete Beach for a week on the beach. I bought some cigars at the Pier Mall. I drove up and down on Gulf Blvd. I’ve forgotten about your cigar shop in The St. Pete. Its very nice town. I will come down more often for a vacation. I like all Casa Fernandez Cigar too ( JFK, Aganorsa Leaf, Arsenio and Particulres…)

  2. Glad you guys made it for August, reviews aren’t the same without you two. Though I must say, Ed’s shop looks fantastic. Thanks for the review, gotta love those cigars that really test your pallet…especially when they stump Ed 😉

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