Using a Xikar Xi Cutter to Clip Your Cigar

Stogie Spotlight2 Comments on Using a Xikar Xi Cutter to Clip Your Cigar

Using a Xikar Xi Cutter to Clip Your Cigar

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Think back to the first time that you ever held a Xikar Xi Cutter. If you were like me, you probably picked it up and asked yourself “where are the fingers holes?” Before I could experiment and mangle my cigar, I was given a demonstration by a shop owner.

I would like to offer you that same courtesy but rather than me showing you how to operate the cutter, why don’t we bring in the man that is responsible for creating that cutter. In this video we have Kurt Van Keppel of Xikar, demonstrating the proper use of the Xikar Xi Cutter.

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2 thoughts on “Using a Xikar Xi Cutter to Clip Your Cigar

  1. I have had a lot of success laying the cutter on a flat hard surface, knob side up. I then insert the head of the cigar in the cutter opening maintaining vertical. I then “pull the trigger”. The vast majority of the time yields a perfect cut. Obviously this won’t work on figurados. Works best on parejos. Try it on a yard ‘gar. I’ve been doing this for several years. Enjoy!


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