The 2011 Xikar New Product Lineup

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The 2011 Xikar New Product Lineup

Xikar - New Product Video 2011 - 1

While attending the Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo 2011 (Cigarnival), Mike and I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Kurt Van Keppel of Xikar (Sponsor of our Cigar Expo Coverage). We set out to record a handful of videos with Kurt. The first was The History of Xikar. The second video, which we have here, is the New Product Lineup for 2011. The third, which will come later, is a quick video on Properly Clipping a Cigar with a Xikar Xi Cutter.

The video below is fairly short and, as you would imagine from the title of this post, highlights the latest and greatest accessories from Xikar. Since we were unable to get video of the Xikar booth during IPCPR, I wanted to make sure we recorded this video while we had Kurt at Cigar Expo.

Cigar Expo 2011 Coverage Sponsored By Xikar

Xikar - Cigar Expo Banner

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5 thoughts on “The 2011 Xikar New Product Lineup

  1. 5000 dollars for a pavéd Xi3? That dog won’t hunt, Monsignor. At least not for me.

    Also, I think it takes a lot of chutzpah to announce such a silly product in today’s economy. (Not that there are many economies where $5000 cigar cutters would be especially appropriate…)

  2. I agree with Aron, Xikar seems a little tone deaf in our current economic climate. Even a cutter with fake diamonds for $500 seems ridiculous….. For our friends???? Really????

  3. Cubic zirconium Xikar cutters: for friends close enough to spend ridiculous sums of money on a cigar accessory but not not enough to deserve accessories worth ludicrous sums of money.

    Sorry, Kurt. Not a fan of this new market thrust. Leave it to ST Dupont.

  4. I should add, I use the hell out of my Xikar Nautilus lighters!! They are the best, most dependable lighters I have ever used.

  5. Something for everyone. That just seems crazy expensive me. I use the hell out of my Xikar Incline and has never let me down. Those new 30 dollar ones might find their way to my lighter collection.

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